Believe it or not, glasses can add a classy, fashionable touch to any outfit. Whereas they may have – wrongly – been portrayed as geeky and undesirable in the past, glasses have become a stylish accessory. This has been proven time and time again as more celebrities are choosing them over uncomfortable contact lenses, using them like the sophisticated accessory they are. If you’re thinking of making the switch or simply want some ideas for your next pair, take some inspiration from these ten celebrities that wear statement specs.

Zooey Deschanel

A fashion icon for all indie girls out there, Zooey Deschanel is known to rock a pair of oversized frames when playing as Jess in New Girl. These glasses add to her ‘adorkable’ nature and have become an iconic part of the character’s fashionably nerdy look.

Fans of the show have picked up on the fact that the glasses Zooey wears in the show don’t actually have any lenses in them. According to Screen Prism, this is to avoid lens glare when filming. At least she has the look down, right?

Andy Samberg

He may be known as everyone’s favourite funnyman, but Andy Samberg looks like a dapper gentleman in his specs. Andy seems to be a particular fan of the smart glasses and suit combo, helping to transform him from comedian to serious actor in an instant.

Karlie Kloss

Who said glasses aren’t supermodel material? From stylish sunglasses to prescription specs, Karlie Kloss is a huge fan of glasses. She tends to wear adorable thin-framed ‘nerd’ style glasses, although she’s been spotted in quirky cat-eye and square glasses too. Karlie proves that wearing oversized glasses doesn’t have to be clunky or awkward, but rather a chic fashion statement that improves an outfit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Like Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bit of an indie icon. He wears glasses both in his everyday life and during filming, wearing everything from sleek semi-rimless glasses to chunky frames. This adds to his simple yet sophisticated style, transforming him from an adorably dorky actor into a suited and booted gent.

Jeff Goldblum

Undeniably iconic, Jeff Goldblum is famed for his choice of thick black frames. Ultra-cool and amazingly stylish, Jeff’s choice is glasses make him appear very dapper indeed. The Jurassic Park actor adds contemporary charm to his smart outfits with his glasses, proving that they don’t ruin an outfit but rather add to it.

Lupita Nyong’o

Famed for her roles in Black Panther and Star Wars, Lupita Nyong’o looks stunning in her cat-eye framed glasses. Often seen sporting them at awards ceremonies or public events, this young actress knows how to style her classy specs perfectly. They add sophisticated glamour to her outfits, framing her beautiful brown eyes wonderfully.

Elton John

When you think of Elton John, your mind likely conjures up an image of him wearing brightly coloured sunglasses. His glasses are almost as iconic as his singing and is rarely spotted without a bold, brash design. Elton has worn too many pairs to count, although you can find a gallery of his most iconic sunnies on Esquire. His collection is seriously impressive, we can’t help but wonder where he stores them all.

John Lennon

Equally as legendary as Elton, John Lennon was rarely seen without his circle glasses. They have become an iconic part of his look and will always be remembered by fans of The Beatles. There have been a variety of collections released based on John’s pick of circle style glasses and it’s clear that he was a big inspiration behind this style’s rise in popularity.

Meghan Markle

Actress-turned-Duchess Meghan Markle looks amazing in sunnies, which she always sports in the summer. Back in her acting days, Meghan’s character in Suits – Rachel Zane – often wore a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses. This gave the character a smart-yet-stylish appeal and, while she doesn’t seem to wear reading glasses in her day-to-day life, she’s shown how you can turn an essential into a stylish accessory.

Ed Sheeran

English crooner Ed Sheeran is quite often spotted in a pair of black glasses, often opting for a classic rectangle style. He proves that you don’t have to choose a contemporary style to look good in a pair of glasses, choosing a style that is timeless. Ed does swap them for a pair of quirky circle frames occasionally, a style that he pulls of perfectly.

Whether you’re going for that contemporary Jeff Goldblum look or prefer classic rectangle frames like Ed, glasses are totally trendy these days. Take inspiration when picking your next frames.


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