10 Cool Coffee Blogs To Follow in 2020

Almost all of us love and enjoy coffee, but some people take that admiration to the next level. Well, those coffee enthusiasts tend to spread that coffee-love in everything they do so we can surely learn something from them.

Whether you are a coffee lover or just want to read some interesting articles about coffee, coffee-blogs are the thing for you. 

Today, I will show you 7 cool blogs to follow in 2020 and learn something refreshing, coffee-wise.

Furthermore, you can explore everything from brewing methods to the best coffee equipment, accessories, and facts and stay up to date with the latest info.Let’s begin.

1) Caffeine Informer

First on the list is the Coffee Informer. This is a blog where you can find advanced and interesting facts regarding caffeine and its safety. What’s best, they are not just limited to coffee but are also covering other of our favorite beverages we intake daily.

The authors of this blog did their homework and they are strongly committed to giving their readers crucial information regarding the safety of caffeine. There are tons of useful caffeine guides and reports with facts and scientific research – regarding our favorite places (like Starbucks) – caffeine-wise.

If you want to be able to enjoy coffee safely and understand how caffeine works – then check this place out – It is worth it. 

2) Roasty Coffee

This sleek place will show you various methods to make a flavorful cup of coffee on tested and creative ways. Carefully divided into 3 sections- Brewing, Buying, and Facts, it will take you on an all-encompassing journey into the world of coffee.

Even more, the blog combines today’s modern ways and recipes to brew along with what’s best from traditional practice. Not only that, but you can also educate yourself on many topics regarding coffee – ever heard of cascara or shade-grown coffee?)

P.S. Are you maybe an adventurer? – Well, if you are, you will also see how to make a coffee outdoor and which equipment might be useful for the task.

3) Caffeine Insider

The third blog worth this list is the Caffeine Insider with the incredibly up-to-date and thorough reviews of both- coffee makers and espresso machines. Furthermore, it offers various recommendations on coffee products and coffee aroma guides and especially – everything about K-cups. 

Additionally, there are some interesting recipes that can refresh and improve your coffee-habits.

These guys are dedicated to providing you with independent and valuable information when it comes to making decisions about coffee makers. Therefore, when deciding about what to choose to fully enjoy your coffee-drinking experience at home – peak inside their reviews and guides.

4) Homegrounds

Here comes a blog where a group of passionate coffee-hobbyists decided to help others become home baristas. You know that feeling when you are capable to make great coffee on your own and it tastes better than in restaurants? – You can do it by following directions from neatly organized Coffee brewing guides section on this blog. 

Additionally, there are also grinding guides with a few tricks on how to give your coffee a spark and maximize coffee-drinking experience at home.

What’s more, this blog offers magnificent recommendations on how to choose the best coffee beans. It goes in-depth explaining all properties of coffee beans and how to get out of them the desired aroma.

On top of that, you will also find very useful and interesting recipes that will blow your mind, followed by coffee makers/espresso machines.

5) Coffee Forus

All things coffee – That is all you need to know to make the best cup of coffee could be the motto of this blog. Suffice to say, you will find many guides and how-to’s when it comes to brewing, understanding, and choosing coffee types and buying guides. 

However, they don’t stop there, since they also focus on a coffee workplace-wise and cover some amusing facts and studies about coffee worldwide. 

6) Coffee Channel

Now, pure love and passion for the coffee was an inspiration to create this blog. 

Furthermore, you can find everything that interests you about the coffee here. They have neatly organized buyer’s guides divided into sub-sections which help navigate through them and easily choose what to buy based on budget or technical parameters. 

Additionally, you will find some of the most creative coffee recipes there – ever wondered how to make coffee syrups at home?

Finally, if you want to be on track with the latest news about coffee in 2020 then definitely follow this blog. It is updated regularly and provides relevant, latest information about the coffee industry and methods to improve your barista skills.

7) Coffee Chronicles

Last but not least, is the blog that comes from the author who spent a decade manually roasting coffee. Nonetheless, he tried everything – from experimenting with coffee beans and brews to visiting coffee farms all over the world. Therefore, there is an immense value this blog offers, which came from years of experience. 

Moreover, a good deal of blog is devoted to myth-busting and bringing true information and data about coffee among the general crowd. All those geeky-stuff you always wanted to know, the top-notch recommendations of coffee-making tools for serious hobbyists and a bunch of amazing posts awaits here.

8) Little Coffee Place

As the name suggests, this online coffee place will offer all those little things to maximize your coffee-experience. Therefore, you will read about the origins of coffee and the coffee beans in a well-organized Coffee regions guides. Nonetheless, Honduras, Kenya, or Ethiopia, all await to take you to their unique coffee-journey.

Also, there are many coffee facts and advice you always wanted to know. So, all those differences between types of coffee, caffeine guidelines, and health benefits of coffee are explained and regularly supplemented with new ones.  

Expectedly, you will read through many brewing tips and comparisons of brew made in different ways. Also, you will find many articles talking about those nifty little topics related to coffee –curious about ways to remove coffee stains? – you’ll find it here.

This is also a place with many helpful tips and guides, and comparisons between coffee/espresso making machines as well as a coffee accessory. Ultimately, it will help you equip your kitchen with useful coffee gear and provide great mentorship for making your coffee.

9) Coffee Cantata

Did you ever imagine a synergy of coffee and the music? Well, this is the place with creativity from such a synergy. The author is a musician who also adores coffee and is passionate about discovering its secrets. 

Furthermore, there are awesome reviews of coffee even better organized into reviews by region and reviews by brew method. Nonetheless, the author writes very vividly about her coffee experiences and reviews the various coffee types by using different methods to brew (AeroPress, Chemex, etc). 

This blog is made from the rich experience of an enthusiast who makes sure to provide in-depth information interwoven with a delightful style of writing and sharing the coffee-wisdom. In the off-topic section you will relax with a bunch of interesting stories, while drinking your favorite cup. 

Moreover, many novelties and useful tricks here will give you new ideas and spark that creativity to start making and finessing your coffee.

Oh, and yes, be sure to check out the Geek corner.

10) Coffee Review

The coffee review will offer everything to understand, enjoy, and try the best types of coffee. A bunch of valuable reviews of coffee worldwide which are updated regularly and consistency in what the authors do (they blog from 1997) will charm you. 

What’s more, the coffee reference section has all that you always wanted to know about how coffee is produced for example. Ranging from coffee basics and history along with coffee culture to the modern-day espresso, this blog covers everything.

Furthermore, Coffee Glossary introduces you to coffee terminology and interprets all those words enthusiasts and professional baristas use. By browsing through the glossary, you will discover and better understand all coffee-related properties and processes and educate yourself pretty much.

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