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10 facts about weddings in the USA 

Wedding celebrations in different parts of the world often have significant differences.

Wedding celebrations in different parts of the world often have significant differences. They lie in the characteristics of the organization, the specifics of traditions, and the amount of time required to register a marriage. But one thing remains unchanged in all countries – people attach great importance to this exciting event. Young people and their parents spare no effort and resources to make this important event truly unforgettable. Residents of the United States are especially serious about preparing a wedding. Now we will try to tell you how they arrange weddings in this country.

Engagement and wedding preparations in America

When a young man decides to make a marriage proposal, he carefully plans this moment. He chooses a suitable place and time, buys an engagement ring and a large bouquet. And since “diamonds are girls’ best friends,” a pretty diamond is a must for a wedding ring. Since the engagement is taken very seriously in America, preparations for a wedding begin only after the betrothal and take mainly about one to two years. But because the wedding business is well developed in America, newlyweds, as a rule, do not do this on their own. All pre-wedding chores are passed over to the employees of various agencies and bureaus that provide wedding organization services.

Say yes to the dress

For a “proper” wedding in America, it is advised to start looking for a dress no later than 10 months before the ceremony. To be honest, the concept is a bit complicated – during this time, you can not only rethink the style of the dress but also the desire to get married in general. Although Americans start to search for a dress for the bride at least a year before the wedding, the groom’s suit can be purchased in a cheap store at a low price.

The dress budget

A normal budget for the wedding dress in Washington starts at $1,500. There is no limit, but according to statistics, on average, in the American capital, they spend no more than $2,000 on a dress. It should be remembered that choosing a dress is only the beginning. Then they order it and file the dress (two fittings). The closer to the wedding, the more expensive this service will be.

Location search

Of course, no dress should be chosen without knowing the venue of the wedding itself. And this is another reason why Americans are planning the “right” wedding in advance because the ideal location can be booked for months or even years in advance.

One-click gift

Wedding invitations could be now sent by mail. It is common now for many couples to choose an email with a link to a website where guests can agree or refuse to come to the wedding. Or on a paper invitation, there may be a website address where you can answer and, most importantly, look at the list of desired gifts with a direct link to the websites where you can order them. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since today, you can even mail order brides via the Internet.

Nothing personal, just business

Another option is to add money to the honeymoon fund – as much as you like. By the way, on some wedding sites, there may be two options: a cash deposit in dollars and a gift in cryptocurrency (bitcoins and others).

A hen party

If your idea of ​​a bachelorette party in America coincides with the stereotypes, then we may disappoint you. However, it is much more interesting than you may have imagined. The girls share cool memories that they had with the bride, look at old photos, make a bunch of new ones with a Polaroid, play a “love quiz,” and eat a lot of junk food.

“Wedding Party”

If you are a part of this privileged group, it means that all four days (the wedding can last more than one) you will only change dresses, eat, drink and polish your small talk skills, and the ceremony itself seems to be only a 30-minute drop in the ocean of ​​wedding events. Bachelorette party, lunch for bridesmaids, wedding and dinner rehearsal, wedding breakfast, and, finally, the ceremony. By the way, at the pre-wedding bridesmaids’ lunch, everyone gives gifts to the bride, makes compliments and photos.

Engagement location

Although it’s customary to get married in a church, modern Americans resort to such original decisions as an exit wedding ceremony, for example, on the seashore, in a flowering garden, or any other beautiful place.

General budget

On average, the cost of a wedding in Washington is $36 thousand. However, many couples now refuse large-scale celebrations and marry in the circle of their closest people – with a beautiful ceremony on the beach in California or on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. A concept that ideally combines two opposite things – romance and rationality.