10 Spooky spots in the south

Isle of Fright on The Isle of Wight, Hampshire

25 Oct – 2 Nov 2014

Reputed to be one of the UK’s “spookiest” places, the Isle of Wight is often known globally as the “Ghost Island”.  Join the ghost walks, paranormal investigations and interactive “horror” encounters or search for famous ghosts at St Catherine’s lighthouse, Arreton Manor and Enchanted Manor.


The Redoubt Fortress, Eastbourne

Redoubt twilight tours

Saturdays in October 2014, 7pm

From the 4 October, the creaky doors of the fortress will open up for torch lit guided tours every Saturday night.  Hear stories of gruesome battles, mysterious objects and haunted sightings as you explore the cobwebbed corridors and dank cells of the 200 year old fortification.


Historic Medway, Kent

Chatham Historic Dockyard Halloween Cobblestones Irene Ropery

Rochester 26Oct 2014, 7.30pm

Chatham 31 Oct 2014, 8pm & 10pm

The cobbled streets, crooked alleyways, ancient ruins, and twisted gravestones littering Rochester provide a suitably spooky setting for the ghost walks on the last Sunday each month.  The spectre of Mr Dickens, famous for his ghost stories including A Christmas Carol and The Signalman, is said to haunt Rochester High Street.  And the Historic Dockyard Chatham is shrouded in an eerie atmosphere for a ghost walk of the ancient buildings on Halloween.


Battle Abbey and Battlefield, Hastings

Hinton Ampner - forgotten graves

25 Oct – 2 Nov 2014

Follow the trail to hidden graves and uncover the secrets lying beneath the stones. Beware of The Black Monk and Red Lady said to haunt the archways and corridors at Battle Abbey.  Keep watch for the knight on horseback moving across the battlefield on or around the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings every October.


The Beaulieu River, the New Forest

Beaulieu Halloween canoeing 2

29 & 31 Oct 2014, 6.30pm

Listen to ghost stories told by your very own ghoulish canoe captain as you sail through the mist on the Beaulieu River at sunset.  The boat will arrive at Buckler’s Hard where you will walk back through the haunted forest to the base, following the trail set out by your guide.


Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

Redoubt Fortress, Eastourne

31 Oct 2014. 7pm.  Adults only.

A house so haunted that it had to be demolished, Hinton Ampner is famed for having one of the most well documented Victorian ghost stories.  Join the tour, led by a professional medium and be introduced to paranormal techniques including dowsing rods, crystals and a spirit board, the results of which will be revealed at midnight.


Eastwell Manor, Kent


Eastwell Manor’s resident ghost, the white lady, has been seen regularly by porters on the night shift. Strange noises have been heard and objects have been moved, and these occurrences tend to be blamed on the white lady… but who is she?


Tudor House Museum, Southampton

31 Oct 2014, 4.30pm & 7.00pm

One of Southampton’s most haunted locations, staff and guests have reportedly felt a presence in the Green Room of the Tudor House and dogs have often refused to enter as dark figures are regularly witnessed.  Join the torch lit tour and see if you are able to explain the footsteps and bangs, often heard but never located.


Ockenden Manor, West Sussex

One chilly night, over a hundred years ago, a chambermaid was scurrying anxiously through a deep tunnel to meet her lover when the walls gave way, burying her beneath rubble.  The grey lady now roams the corridors of the house, occasionally appearing in the Elizabethan bedroom to staff and guests.


Explosion Museum, Gosport

24 Oct 2014, 8pm – 2am.

Join experienced paranormal investigators to explore the museum and hold Séances and Vigils throughout the night.  Visitors have reported sightings of apparitions, strange mists, feelings of dread and being touched by unseen hands.

To discover more seriously spooky spots in the South visit www.visitsoutheastengland.com

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