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10 Terrific Travel Comparison Sites And Apps

10 Terrific Travel Comparison Sites And Apps

The travel itch has hit.

September 29th, 2019

The travel itch has hit. You find yourself, in a wanderlust-fuelled state, searching the web for flights to farflung corners of the globe, from Vanuata to Venezuela, but coming up short because your piggy bank savings don’t quite cut it. Well, we’re here to save the day nomads, as our search has led us to discover a whole host of travel comparison sites that’ll give you a load of bang for your buck and allow you to get one step closer to that passionfruit daquiri poolside. So, without further ado, Here are ten of the best sites and apps that’ll be your bestfriend for trips to come…


What? Whilst Momondo might not punctuate the travel comparison site world as much as, say, Skyscanner does, it’s still an incredibly helpful app. Momondo allows you to find the cheapest, quickest and best flights by typing in details, and it notably excels with short-term trips and exists as an app (iOS/Android) that packs a punch and plenty of information.

Why we love it: This travel comparison website and app has a friendly approach, perhaps due to its colour and easy to use interface. Momondo makes holidaying what it should be – fun! The exciting aesthetic of the site makes it easy to navigate, and you’ll scroll across Trending Cities and Travel Inspo on your journey to booking. Plus this handy site can save you a chunk of change by comparing hundreds of flights, which can be rapidly altered using the many filters provided.



What? Grab your oars, it’s time to kayak! This travel comparison site is famed for its generally lower prices. Super simply and easy, Kayak searches hundreds of other travel sites and rustles up info you need, to make decisions on flights, hotels, car hire and more.

Why we love it: It’s quick and it’s reliable – two of the most important factors of a travel comparison site. Plus, you can save a tonne of cha-ching using Kayak as it’s so darn efficient at searching for as many flights as possible. Basically, the prices don’t make you jump through your skin and cancel any prospect of a holiday for the foreseeable! The site itself is pretty simple, there’s not loads going on to distract you making it an efficient way to book your next hol!



What? Hopper, skip and jump this way, because Hopper is the nifty little app you need in your life for flight comparison! The mobile-only app is expert at tracking flight prices and giving periodic updates.

Why we love it: Hopper is ace. It basically tells you whether you should buy your flights now or wait, and yes whilst waiting is hard when you’re booking your dream trip just thinking of all the pennies you’ll save for an extra poolside daquiri! It’s a really detailed app, which some might love, others may not but what is utterly unrivalled is its ability to give you dates when prices will likely rise meaning you save a lot.



What? OK, so the flights are booked but now you’re like, erm, where the heck am I going to stay? Leave it to VRBO. This website allows you to book amazing rentals worldwide and it’s gained quite the rep for being fab…

Why we love it: Well, unlike Airbnb, VRBO hunts for private homes, including beach houses, ski cabins, private apartments, villas and more. The places up for grabs are all so stunning, from coveted condos in Miami to Hilton Head’s gorgeous sun-set washed boltholes, there’s something for all. The website is so straight forward too, you login and get hunting, specifying how many guests, your dates and little else.


Hotel Tonight

What? Picture this, you’ve jumped onto your flight, you’ve popped the Champers and out of office is most certainly on. When suddenly you delayed at your layover and start panicking about where the heck you’re going to sleep that night. Hotel Tonight is your answer. This service thrives on last-minute deals and will definitely be your pocket saviour. But if you suddenly found yourself in such a situation on your vacation in Dubai, then Metropolitan real estate will never leave you in trouble and you will find apartments for every taste and budget.

Why we love it: Hotel Tonight is a nifty little app that partners with a whole host of hotels to offer discounts on empty rooms. There’s 24/7 service on the app so whether it’s 2am or 2pm someone will be there to aid. Plus, you can book a hotel in under ten seconds – wowzers! You basically load up all of the hotels and can check out a bulk of prices on multiple rooms if needed meaning you won’t be sleeping, rather uncomfortably, in the airport. Plus, the app has launched Daily Drop, a feature that offers you deals of the day to save cash.



What? Thinking Hipmunk sounds a lot like chipmunk? That’s because it does! And whilst we’re not too clued up about the reason behind this, we do know that this awesome app is ideal for on-the-go adventurers and allows you to compare flights and hotel booking, offering up the lowest prices – result!

Why we love it? Hipmunk is a dreamy little app that allows you to peruse info on hotels and flights, with the ability to search by continent, country, region, city and more. Flights are cleverly rated by their degree of “agony” such as time-consuming layovers, plus there’s such a thing as hotel “heat maps” on this app; these visualise a hotel’s proximity to shopping and dining destinations and more.



What? Skiplagged is an awesome option because it uses hidden city ticketing to your advantage. To expand, airline fares for trips through a connecting city have loopholes and Skiplagged has them sussed to ‘beat the system’.

Why we love it? Whilst a great deal of airlines are attempting to stop hidden city ticketing, Skiplagged is an awesome way of exposing lucrative loopholes to save you money and take you to wow-worthy places across the globe. Heavily featured in publications such as CNN, BuzzFeed and The New Yorker, it’s a raved app site that’s worth a peruse before your next trip.



What? We all have bulging bucket lists when it comes to travel, understandably so, and Hitlist helps you achieve these dreams. The app-only offering pulls up loads of the best times to search for flights and sends you seals based on the destinations you’ve always wanted to go. Finally, that trip to embrace cherry blossom season in Japan doesn’t seem so farfetched…

Why we love it? This app pings you a notification each time deals based on your dreamy location come up, so you never miss a booking trick! Plus, it lets you compare flight prices speedily so you know you’re getting great bang for your buck.



What? Kiwi is along the lines of Skyscanner, Momondo or Google Flights, except its like the hidden gem of apps that we’re now shining a bright light on! Essentially, this nifty app gets you the cheapest flights so you can be one step closer to your pornstar martini poolside.

Why we love it? This app is fabulous, because you can choose your starting airport, a time range and then look at the cheapest flights based on that, which are all displayed on a map. Kiwi is the best app for getting lost in wanderlust and browsing for inspiration if you’re lacking it. If you’re searching for a budget trip then Kiwi is your new bestfriend.



What? It’s an oldie but a goldie, and we love it! Skyscanner, if you haven’t already heard, compares cheap flights, hotels and car hire, and soared to success after it launched in 2016.

Why we love it? Well, quite simply because it’s so cost effective and it’s simple to use! You also don’t need to have a destination in mind, so you can do a bit of freewheeling by searching ‘everywhere’ and by ‘cheapest month’. Just note, however, that a lot of the deals are offered by third-party travel agents so it’s best to check user reviews before you book.




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