For most, a sailing vacation is one of the most important events of the year. They’ve spent their Winter months planning, dreaming, organizing and waiting in anticipation for Summer to arrive to start their next sailing adventure. One of the best sailing destinations in the world is Greece,which is a truly beautiful place, perfect for sailing with lots of unique features that lure people from all over the world. However, every sailor knows that numerous things can go sideways once you’re on the water, however there are certain issues that can be prevented by paying attention to some points which are moderately important. And this include the following:

10 Tips For A Prosperous Sailing Adventure In Greece

1. Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Make sure that you understand and are in agreement with the charter agency before you sign any agreement and pay a down payment. Be sure to ask questions about the service you’re about to purchase. Try to ensure that all points of the contract between you and the charter agency is understood so that no understandings may arise and leave you feeling disappointed.

2. Check-In Procedure

During embarkation, make sure the appropriate check-in procedure is followed carefully. Make sure you understand everything that you must know about the boat and ask questions before leaving. Also check if the engine and other components are in excellent working condition and that all safety equipment is complete, prior to signing the delivery document. If you come across any damages from before, be sure to write it on the statement.

3. Familiarize Yourself With The Cruise Area

Before considering sailing holidays Greece, be sure to study the route carefully and familiarize yourself with any dangerous points, like prevailing winds, shallow waters or reefs, etc, that you are likely to encounter along the way. Don’t simply rely on a GPS. Also do some conventional navigation beforehand, confirming GPS data.

4. Check The Engine

Before you begin your sailing voyage in the Greek islands, check navigation lights and engine.

5. Check the Weather

Ask the local coast guard offices for a weather forecast or listen on channel 16.

6. Practice Caution

Always sail cautiously, with not too much rigging and sails. Also, approach the Greek islands ports carefully. Make sure the anchor, mooring ropes and fenders are prepared before entering the port. Organize your crew for anchorage.

7. Securing The Yacht When Anchoring

If you’ll be spending the night in a bay, make sure the yacht is secured when at anchor. Familiarize yourself with the variances of the deep when sailing in Greece and also probable currents so that you’re prepared for any type of anchoring every time.

8. Be Vigilant About The Small Things

Pay attention to things like not discarding papers in the toilet, turning off the water pump in the instance of running out of water and look after the yacht as if it were your own.

9. Take good care of the crew

Make sure the crew is taken care of during the sailing trip and keep head down when tacking.


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