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10 Unique Housewarming Gifts

10 Unique Housewarming Gifts

Do you have a friend, colleague, or relative that has recently moved into a new place?

August 3rd, 2022

Do you have a friend, colleague, or relative that has recently moved into a new place? You might be browsing around looking for a gift, hoping to branch out from the generic gifts of chocolate, beverages, and plants that you know their other friends will already be gifting them. If you want to get something a bit more personalized, why not think in terms of finding something for a specific room of their house or even their garden (or balcony).

  1. Coasters

Coasters always make a fun gift and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and themes. Try coasters made of slate for a sturdy but elegant feel, or hand-sewn coasters for a feminine look that might pair well with the other fabrics in the living room or bedroom — extra points if this goes with their favourite colour scheme.

  1. Lamp Shades

For a practical gift that will illuminate areas with dark corners, such as hallways and cloakrooms, gifting a floor lamp is great way to add colour to a room. If you already have an idea of your friend’s chosen theme, you can weigh up how to choose a lamp that accentuates this, be it an antiquated brass floor lamp with a bright lampshade to contrast vividly against a dark wall, or a bamboo floor lamp to with a polished resin finish to go with earthy, wooden furniture.

  1. Bookends

For the bookworm who has just relocated, setting up their book storage is likely to be on their to-do list. Help them turn their collection into a well-organized and aesthetically-pleasing display with a set of novelty book-ends, available in so many fun and classy designs.

  1. Matcha Set

If your gift recipient has a taste for matcha green tea (or other teas, for that matter), it is easy to find a traditional tea set complete with tea powder, a bamboo whisk, and a spoon to gift them. This is the ultimate self-care gift because it’s beautiful to look at, boosts wellbeing, and is something the recipient is not likely to have purchased for themselves.

  1. Custom Chopping Board

Treat your giftee to that “new kitchen” feeling with a brand new, untarnished chopping board. While this may not seem like an obvious gift choice, you can make a chopping board extra special by getting their name engraved on it. If your giftee is not into cooking, try giving different personalized gifts. Visit BloomingBox to get new ideas.

  1. Spoon Rest

For the avid cook, a gift that makes cooking prep less messy and more straightforward is always a winner. Why not get them a spoon rest so that they no longer have to improvise for space when they’re cooking and need to put the spoon down for a minute? You could get something in a bold colour that stands out against their kitchen-theme, or something understated with a cute pattern on.

  1. Mini Fridge

Sometimes you just can’t have enough fridge space. A mini fridge makes a great addition to a man cave, a pool room, or even a bedroom (especially if that bedroom is on the fourth floor and their kitchen is on the ground floor; no one wants to walk that far for a midnight snack).

If your friend or relative is all about their skincare routine, you could also consider gifting them a skincare fridge, because those products always feel nicer on the face when they’re cold.

  1. Trinket Dishes

If you’re just looking for a small little something to give, there are a myriad of trinket dishes out there which make great presents. This is something they’re guaranteed to find a use for, as they are versatile enough to be used for jewellery, keys, lanyards, and more.

If you’re feeling crafty, purchase a DIY resin trinket dish kit and give this a unique, personal touch.

  1. Luxury Cushions

Luxury cushions can give life to any old sofa and really enhance any living room. Choose from velvet cushions and colourful prints and find the perfect set to light up their living room.

  1. Pet gifts

If you’re searching for a gift for that someone who seems to have everything or is just that little bit fussier, chances are their pet isn’t! Treats, new collars, food bowls, or even customised pillows always make a thoughtful gift for a four-legged friend.



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