Here in Leeds, we’re lucky enough to have a massive selection of gorgeous world cuisine. It seems that Japanese has taken over recently as the top fave and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the addition of Blue Sakura.

Blue Sakura is opposite the arena next to the Pure Gym on the corner. It’s big and fancy with cherry blossom trees throughout.

The concept at Blue Sakura sells it… It’s all you can eat sushi and grill. YES, ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI AND JAPANESE GRILL! But the best bit… it’s all freshly made to order and waited to your table.

There’s a rollercoaster of emotions attached to any all you can eat, but this is something extra. At Blue Sakura you get the taste and texture of ingredients delivered fresh every day along with the option of completely stuffing your faces with it.

Since we ate here, we’ve booked a table for a family birthday and my boyfriend and I have decided to go once a month! Ridiculous. But that’s how good it is!

Share this article and tick off which of the following you said when you ate at Blue Sakura!

Book your table online at Blue sakura.

1. OMG you order on iPad?!

2. We can just keep ordering?

3. Right. We need a system.

4. I’m going to be dreaming about that for weeks.

5. I’m stuffed.

6. Shall we have a break.

7. How is it THAT tasty!

8. It hurts.

9. How much more do you think we can order?

10. Don’t test me.

11. This is my new home.


13. I can’t go out after.

14. Shit. We forgot about deserts.

15. OMG babe look at my belly! (followed by a longing look at the menu)

16. I can’t… I can’t stop.


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