Anxiety and stress are common ailments that can have a huge impact on the daily lives of those who suffer from them. However, many different natural remedies can assist in dealing with anxiety and stress that may produce greater results than traditional medical therapies. Here is a look at eleven different ways to deal with anxiety.

1 – Spend Time With Animals

There is no doubt that pets have a calming effect on us. That is because they provide us with companionship, love and support. A study conducted in 2018 confirmed that being around pets can prove beneficial for individuals who suffer from a variety of mental health issues with anxiety noted in particular.

2 – Writing

Sometimes just by writing or journaling about your anxiety makes it a bit easier to manage. A study conducted in 2016 showed that creative writing used as an outlet may make it easier for children and teens to deal with their anxiety issues. But documenting the symptoms can sometimes help identify triggers as well.

3 – Exercise

Anxious energy can easily be burned off through exercise. The best part is that you don’t have to participate in strenuous exercise, either. Sometimes just a walk in the neighborhood will do or a trip up and down a flight of stairs will reduce the anxiety. You can also sign up on life-changing apps where you can interact with people who are suffering from anxiety and can challenge each other to do better every day. Several studies have been conducted that back this up in healing anxiety.

4 – Meditation

One way to slow an overactive mind is through meditation. When you can relax your thoughts, it becomes easier to manage stress and anxiety. There are many different meditation styles available to choose from but more often than not, turning to yoga is a popular option. Mindfulness-based meditation is a popular form of therapy.

5 – Relaxation Exercises

If you experience periods of anxiety, you may unconsciously tense your muscles and clench your jaw. By turning to relaxation exercises you can prepare yourself with a safer and healthier response to anxiety than through tensing up. You can do this by lying in a comfortable position and slowly relaxing muscle groups in your body.

6 – Aromatherapy

The act of smelling soothing scents that come from various plant oils is known as aromatherapy. For some, they respond extremely well to this form of treatment and aromatherapy is successful in dealing with anxiety. A study in 2012 tested lavender on 67 women between the ages of 45 and 55 with insomnia. The results showed that the lavender slowed their heart rates in a short term period to promote sleep.

7 – Time Management

Sometimes your workload can bring on added pressure. Deadlines on projects from work, trying to meet personal and financial commitments and health-related goals can all contribute to stress and anxiety. One way to better manage these commitments and still accomplish all you are trying to do is through time management. By creating a schedule and a plan to stick to it will help to remove much of the stress of your daily life.

8 – Herbal Tea

Something is soothing about making a nice hot cup of tea. As it turns out, many different herbal teas promise to ease anxiety and promote sleep. Certain types of herbal teas can have a greater direct impact on brain function than others in regulating anxiety levels. A small trial in 2018 showed that drinking chamomile tea can change the amount of the stress hormone cortisol that is released into the brain. This supports the idea that herbal tea can relax you.

9 – Herbal Supplements

Since herbal teas can help with anxiety, it only makes sense that herbal supplements would have the same kind of effect. It is not uncommon to find promotional material on certain herbal supplements that indicate that they can reduce anxiety. The issue here is that very little scientific evidence exists to back these claims up. The best thing to do is to consult with your medical professional before entering into an herbal supplementation treatment.

10 – CBD Oil

CBD is Cannabidiol which is one of over a hundred compounds found in the cannabis plant family. It comes from the hemp part of the cannabis plant family while THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) comes from the marijuana plant part of the same family. THC gives you the ‘high’ where CBD does not. However, CBD oil is commonly used as a pain management treatment. It also is effective in treating anxiety as it can help to relax the mind and body.

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11 – Listen To Music

Regardless of your particular taste in music, you will have several songs that you consider favorites. Sometimes taking time out of your day and finding a quiet place to just plug in you iPod or MP3 player is an option in dealing with anxiety. Music tends to bring back fond memories of places, people and experiences. When you listen to music that you like it will calm you and give you some grounding. This is what makes music such an enjoyable pastime and it will help you to deal with anxiety in a natural method that does not require any form of medication.

In Conclusion

Anxiety and stress can impact anyone at any time. By being prepared with various natural options, you can combat that issue quickly and effectively. Not all of the suggestions here will work for everyone, but at least it gives you a start and some possible ideas to explore further. The idea of this list was to present natural remedies that you can implement in the comfort of your own home if you wish.

Stress and anxiety can rob you of sleep and regular daily function. If left unchecked, it could lead to far more serious health issues such as strokes, heart attacks and even suicidal thoughts. With natural remedies available, you can fight the effects of anxiety the moment you feel it taking hold of you. However, if natural remedies do not bring relief, consult your doctor for further assistance in dealing with the symptoms.


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