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12 Hair Hacks for Healthier Locks

12 Hair Hacks for Healthier Locks

12 Hair Hacks for Healthier Locks

November 14th, 2022

Want a head of gorgeous, thick, and lustrous hair? It is more than possible to achieve this and start to enjoy healthier hair, but the only question is, how do you achieve this? This article will take you through 12 top tips to keep your locks happy and healthy, with some being incredibly easy to do and others very cost-effective and lifechanging:

1. Brush your hair gently

You need to look after your hair if you want it to be healthy, and this means brushing it gently, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots to detangle it without breaking or pulling it out.

2. Don’t wash it too often

Washing your hair too frequently can strip away the natural oils it produces, which in turn may dry out your locks and increase frizz. For most people, two or three times a week is sufficient.

3. Turn down the temperature

Heat can be extremely damaging for your hair, so be sure to turn down the temperature if you want to keep your tresses healthy. That includes both the water temperature in the shower when washing it and the heat on styling tools like straighteners. If you can, opt for heatless alternatives. There are many options for curling your hair.

4. Ditch the tight ponytail

Pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail or bun can tug at the roots and over time may ultimately lead to hair loss. So be gentle and always treat your hair with love when styling it, and switch up the styles you wear.

5. Consider a hair transplant

Do you suffer from hair loss or have very fine hair? A hair transplant from a top specialist, such as the surgeons at the Harley Street Hair Clinic can be a very effective way to add natural-looking thickness to your locks. It can make your hair feel healthy and boost your confidence.

6. Sleep on silk

Making the switch to silk pillowcases does more than simply feel luxurious! The smoothness of the material helps to reduce friction as you sleep, thereby reducing frizz and protecting your hair.

7. Dry with cotton

After washing your hair, try drying it with an old cotton T-shirt rather than a standard towel. Not only can this reduce frizz, but it also helps to reduce breakage – and the less you rub your hair, the better!

8. Get regular trims

Having regular haircuts from a professional stylist is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and banish split ends. A trim every few months is a good goal to aim for. You don’t have to change up the style every time you go, as the trimming of ends will transform your hair each time.

9. Eat a healthy diet

Your hair is part of your body, so it’s unsurprising that what you eat affects how healthy your locks are. Consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables along with nuts, seeds, and legumes to keep your hair in top shape.

10. Massage your scalp

A scalp massage doesn’t just feel nice – it also helps to stimulate blood circulation and encourage hair growth. Some studies even suggest it can result in your follicles producing thicker hair. Remember, though, if you do want thicker hair and guaranteed results, treatment may be beneficial.

11. Invest in your hair

If you use cheap products on your hair, the results are likely to be lackluster. Instead, opt for high-quality shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed for your hair type to ensure it looks its best.

12. Chill out!

Stress has all sorts of negative impacts on your health, including the condition of your hair. Set aside some dedicated time for self-care, and your tresses are sure to thank you! There are lots of other ways to reduce your stress levels, including being active, avoiding unhealthy habits, and reducing caffeine intake.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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