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13 Paw-fect gifts to buy your pooch this Christmas…

13 Paw-fect gifts to buy your pooch this Christmas…

To avoid puppy dog eyes (quite literally) this Christmas, stock up on some adorable little gifts for your preferred pooch, from quirky dog-themed books, to coveted collars and candles

November 16th, 2020

To avoid puppy dog eyes (quite literally) this Christmas, stock up on some adorable little gifts for your preferred pooch, from quirky dog-themed books, to coveted collars and candles that’ll mask a whiff!

Adventures in Meowtown, from £16.99

While most people would think it barking mad for a cat and dog to be hanging out, Yappy, who create sensational personalised gifts for pets, are more than happy to partner the two up.

The company has created an amazing book named ‘Where’s [Insert Dog Name]’ which you can personalise for your pooch! The book explores your dog’s adventures in Meowtown, allowing your pooch to be found, Where’s Wally-like, in 12 ‘clawsome’ scenes. The pages are beautiful and illustrated by Rod Hunt. Plus, the book, £16.99, which comes in hard or softcover, makes for something a little out of the ordinary for your pooch.


YR Candles Because The Dog Farted, £9.99

Although we love our animals, there are times when they don’t exactly have the best of manners. Oops! Which is why the Because The Dog Farted candle is just the tongue-in-cheek gift you need this 25th of December! The humorous little buy can be found on Etsy for £9.99, and the website alerts us it’s a bestseller which unfortunately means there are a lot of pong-y pooches out there! Luckily, the candle is very aesthetically pleasing and you can select the colour which takes your fancy.


Wilmot Dog Jumpers, £40

There are a number of gorgeous dog jumpers on the Lish website, all in different shades. They stand out from the crowd as they’re such adorable cosy knits which take influence from the 1930s menswear cable jumper. The amazing little buy is also hand-knitted, showerproof for light rain and well, simply wooftastic! You can select your colour, all at £40.


William Walker Poop Bag Dispenser, £35.50

For those feeling a little boujee, and know that when their dog has to go they simply have to go, then why not try a William Walker Poop Bag Dispenser? This gorgeous little pocket pal features a magnetic closer, keeping the poo bags safe, and its sky blue appearance makes it truly one of the most attractive poo bag holders there is.


Herringbone Dog Bed, £85

When it comes to luxurious doggy must-haves you simply have to check out Cox & Cox and, if you do, there’s no doubt the Herringbone Dog Bed will catch your eye. Crafted from pure wool in a subtle shade of blush pink, this beautiful bed is handwoven and, if sumptuous fibre is anything to go by, it’s perhaps the cosiest dog bed going!


Pass The Pugs, £9.99

If there’s one game which is bound to give you endless amusement, it’s Pass the Pugs. The funny little offering recently launched on Amazon, and it’s the follow up to much-adored Pass the Pigs game, which has been a family favourite for over 50 years.

While it would take us quite some time to explain the tactics and target, to sum it up you roll the dogs like dice and how they land will determine what you score. One for the pug lovers, that’s for sure!


The aDoraBle Pooch Co Harness, £23

We can’t take our eyes off the gorgeous harnesses from The aDoraBle Pooch Co. These guys are raved about on social media and rightly so, as they produce some of the most eye-popping, aesthetically pleasing doggy accessories. And the adjustable harnesses are quite the catch, coming in shades of Berry Kiss, Oatally Tangerine, Crisp Pines and more. Just head to their website, pick yours out and be the talk of the town in no time. Paw-fect!


Woof Frills Gingerbread Set, £38.98

It’s safe to say we’re utterly obsessed with the Christmas sets Woof Frills have on offer. This adorable company, who swear by the mantra ‘life’s too short, spoil your dog’ have produced some fabulously festive doggy sets, from a winter bear to a Christmas tree collection but, quite frankly, it’s the gingerbread one which has blown us away. Handmade from 100 per cent cotton, the set features a collar with matching bow tie or bandana. You can also choose size and hardware.


Personalised Pet Storage Canvas Rope Basket, £28

This adorable canvas basket is perfect for keeping your pet’s essentials neat and tidy. Made from all cotton, it also boasts heavy duty rope handles and it can be personalised with your dog’s name – cute! Instagram won’t know what’s hit it!


Ink and Doodle Brass Oh Bugger I’m Lost Tag, £9.25

Ink and Doodle create the most rustic and pleasing pet ID tags, and we’re simply obsessed with the brass Oh Bugger I’m Lost option. Attractive features include the fact that it’s hand stamped the old fashioned way, one character at a time, and buying one of these is a great way to support an independent business who clearly put so much love and care into everything they do!


Dog Walker notebook, £19.99

You’re bound to be busy if you’re a dog owner, so why not pick yourself up a sweet pooch-themed notebook to keep on top of everything.

Papier do a gorgeous one in a dusky pink which you can buy with lined pages, dotty pages or blank. Its sweet cover is intricately illustrated and features lots of cute dogs (total plus!)


Squeaky Gin Pet Toy, £3

Raise a toast to your furry friend with this cute squeaky gin can toy. While enjoying a tipple, your pooch can enjoy their tipple-themed toy, leaving everyone happy! You can pick one up from Marks & Spencer for a purse-friendly £3.


Create your own hamper, prices vary

There’s nothing better than a hamper at Christmas, and you can get your pooch one if you opt for epic service Pet Hamper. The process is simple, meaning Fido will receive his or her treats speedily, right in time for the big day. Choose your packaging, then your contents and finally, your delivery method, et voila! A hamper positively brimming with toys, treats, grooming supplies and more. Now that’s a very merry Christmas.




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