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20 Gifts for that friend who really needs a good night’s sleep

20 Gifts for that friend who really needs a good night’s sleep

This Christmas, we’ve rounded up the best sleep-enhancing gifts that will put even the most restless sleeper to bed. Because there truly is no better gift than a good night’s sleep.

November 7th, 2021

Nothing in this world is more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep and here at House of Coco, we’re all about creating night-time rituals that can help relax and restore us for the day ahead.

This Christmas, we’ve rounded up the best sleep-enhancing gifts from silky pyjamas, luxurious eye masks, pillow mists, essential oils, fluffy slippers and even bath soaks that will put even the most restless sleeper to bed. Because there truly is no better gift than a good night’s sleep.

1. Marylebone 1596 Robe by Fable & Eve available at https://www.fableandeve.co.uk

2. Star Sheepskin slippers by ONAIE available at https://onaie.com/

3. Snooze Therapy Mist by Freya + Bailey available at https://freyaandbailey.com/

4. Sonic Toothbrush by Spotlight Oral Care available at https://uk.spotlightoralcare.com

5. Midnight Blue Silk Eye Mask from Drowsy available at https://www.drowsysleepco.com/

6. Chelsea 1951 Pyjama Set by Fable & Eve available at https://www.cyberjammies.co.uk/

7. Balancing Body Oil Set by Gaia available at https://www.gaiaskincare.com/

8. 24k Gold Plated Ear Seeds by Point Zero available at https://www.acupointzero.com/

9. Deep Slumber Pillow Mist by Wild Planet Aromatherapy available at https://wildplanetaromatherapy.co.uk/

10. Pure Shea Butter by Aviela available at https://aviela.co.uk/

11. Five Minute & Foot Mat and Mindful Aromatherapy Balm by Scentered available at https://scentered.me/

ONAIE’s new Star Sheepskin Slippers not only look and feel wonderful, but they’re completely unique, sustainably made, and built to last. Each pair is crafted by hand using the finest quality materials, and no two pairs are ever the same.

The Sonic toothbrush uses professionally designed sonic technology, allowing for the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with an actual deep clean effect that was designed with both efficiency and comfort in mind. It’s a real game changer! You can even have the Sonic Toothbrush personalised in time for Christmas.

Drowsy’s luxurious Deep Sleep Collection Gift Box is the ultimate sleep kit that promises uninterrupted rest. Like a hug for your face, the sell-out Silk Sleep Mask features a heavenly padded lining for total blackout with skin ageing and hair-damage protection properties.

Treat someone that deserves some me-time to three nourishing handmade body oils, complete with a Gaia gift box, to attend to the body and mind’s every need over the busy Christmas period. Awakening to uplift spirits and provide support throughout the day, Balancing brings harmony and Calming provides comfort and relaxation at the end of a busy day.

Perfect for those looking to add something new to their wellbeing ritual, Point Zero’s 24K Gold Plated Ear Seeds can be used to stimulate pressure points in your ear to clear energy blockages in order to bring your body back to balance in all facets – work/life, physical and mental aka ‘point zero.’ Just the thing to get you in the right mood for a good night’s sleep.

Scentered’s Five Minute Acupressure Foot Mat & Mindful Aromatherapy Balm is compact and easy to use for every space, it helps restore balance to the body’s energy flow and promotes a sense of wellbeing to the body and mind, after just 5 minutes! Aviela’s sumptuous hair-to-toe shea butter is rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, and natural soothing properties to help deliver intense hydration, superior nourishment and incredible skin softening properties to all skin types, whilst working hard to alleviate dryness and calm irritated skin.

12. Weighted Eye Mask by John Lewis available at https://www.johnlewis.com/

13. Short Pyjama Set by Made Your Day available at https://www.madeyourday.co.uk/

14. Gingerlilly inspired Candle by Botanicals Collection available at https://drbotanicals.com/

15. Go to Bed Gift Set by Sunday Riley available at https://www.johnlewis.com/

16. Chill Pills Bath Bombs by OUAI available at https://www.johnlewis.com/

17. Snooze Vitamin Gummies by Starpowa available at https://uk.starpowa.com/

18. Flowering Jasmine Tea Set by Jing Tea available at https://jingtea.com/

19. Tie-dye Pyjama Set by Thelma & Leah available at https://thelmaandleah.com/

20. Fluffy Pink Slippers by Laines London available at https://www.laineslondon.com/

We love Made Your Day’s organic cotton pyjama sets which look just as good in bed as it does in your lounge. Ethically crafted in Portugal, the fit is contemporary and relaxed, flattering and not skimpy, to ensure maximum comfort as loungewear and nightwear.

Starpowa’s vegan Snooze Gummies are made with 5-HTP, Vitamin B6, L-Theanine, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm Leaf and Montmorency Cherry, these gummies promote sleep by increasing melatonin production, an important sleep-regulating hormone, key for sound, peaceful sleep. They also work to ease anxiety, stress and having natural calming effects.

The Jing Tea Flowering Set is perfect for the experienced tea drinker. This gift set is guaranteed to impress. It includes 4 bulbs of Jing’s floral showstoppers, which are made from spring-fresh green tea from Fujian, China, hand-tied with sweet jasmine blossoms and soft lily petals. Each bulb blooms into a vibrant display when added to hot water. The tea is paired with JING’s Two Cup Tea-iere and two Glass Cups and Saucers.

Thelma & Leah perfect for those who like to add a little sunshine to their winter wardrobe! This travel-inspired brand uses traditional block printing all hand finished in Rajasthan by collaborating with local artisans before being sent to Spain for production. Thelma & Leah continues to work and support independent artisans and is hoping to include charities and philanthropy into the brand’s ethos soon too.