When the leaves start falling, and a chill can be felt in the air, you will know autumn has begun. As we all begin to prepare for the colder seasons ahead, surely every woman is thinking about their wardrobe. So, check out these top autumnal fashion trends of 2020

Natural Tones

Whether you wear a stylish suit or a leather skirt and top, make sure they are natural tones. Yes, neutral colours and natural hues may have been on trend over the past few seasons, but it is one of the few trends that seems determined to stay. Natural tones are just as contemporary this autumn as they were last year. For a beautiful selection of designer suits, tops, skirts, jackets, and dresses in natural colours, and other more vibrant hues, check out Marissa Collections, a designer clothing retailer.

Bright Pop Colour Suits

These days, the latest trends seem to be worlds of contrast. But that is no bad thing. So, while natural tones are still on-trend, this autumn will also see women wearing bright pop colour suits. When you want to be the belle of the ball and stand out in a room, a bright pop colour suit in a primary colour like red or blue can make you feel like you have command over everyone around you. But if you really want to rock these bright suits, find a hue that complements your skin tone, and add accessories like a pair of funky heels and a bold-coloured handbag.

Brown PU Faux-leather Coats

As the air gets colder, you will need a coat to keep you warm. By choosing a brown polyurethane leather coat, you can keep up with the latest autumn fashion trends as well. It can be perfectly styled with a miniskirt or slimline trousers, and the coat will go well with neutral tones such as grey, blue, and black. A brown PU leather coat is ideal for wearing in a number of settings too. Whether you are just popping to the shops, going to work, or catching up with your friends at a bar in the evening, this versatile coat will be ideal.

Yellow Maxi Coats

Brown faux-leather coats are ideal for capturing the feel and colour of autumn. But if you want to hold on to the summer sunshine for a little longer, try a yellow maxi coat. The vibrant shade works well with varying tones. Try rocking it with brown boots and a white turtleneck. By wearing the on-trend yellow maxi coat this autumn, you are sure to spread a little sunshine wherever you go.

Combo Jewellery

When it comes to accessorising with jewellery, this autumn, the old adage of “less is more” is out. Now, it is more is more! One jewellery trend making the rounds is wearing a chic chain necklace with a pair of gorgeous hoop earrings. You can opt for classic gold or silver for a traditional feel, or inject a little colour with more vibrant pieces when wearing a statement outfit. Jewellery combos are the way forward this autumn.


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