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2020 Xmas Cards That Your Friends And Family Will Love

2020 Xmas Cards That Your Friends And Family Will Love

The holiday season is around the corner and you must already be planning your vacations.


The holiday season is around the corner and you must already be planning your vacations. And hopefully, you’ll also be planning to send your friends and family merrier wishes. What could be better than sending your closed ones xmas cards that they would love to hold on to?

If you’re running out of ideas to paint your xmas cards then look no further. We’ve got you covered.

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Baby Arriving

Christmas is already the merrier season, and expecting a baby could take the celebrations to an all new level. If you’re expecting parents, then there’s no better reason to celebrate this Christmas extravagantly.

There are plenty of xmas card frames and templates that can accommodate your couple photograph with that cute bump. You can further enhance your holiday pic cards with bold and calligraphic scripts.

Your friends and family would surely love to be a part of your growing happiness. And in case you’re planning to throw a small party, then this might be the best idea of all.

Photo Booth

If you’ve ever been to a private party or a fair then you must already be aware of what a photobooth is. In fact, you might be stunned by the idea that you could use this to create your own holiday pics cards.

Photo booths have a feature of taking sequential photos in a giffy. And probably, this is what you might need to pump up your holiday vibes.

Choose a template that could fit in 2 to 3 photos from your last Christmas party. Or you can also plan to attach custom photos for every recipient. Whether you’re sending them holiday pic cards of xmas cards, personalized photos can make your recipients feel valued.

Bless You

As they say, being blessed by the elders is equivalent to nirvana, you can use this idea to create a special aura for your friends and family.

Click some photos of your kids with your parents, and insert them into your xmas or holiday pics cards. You need not to be perfect with the photographs. A soothing backdrop such as grasslands or your fireplace could make the pics cozy and add vibrant colors.

Sending off bless you cards to your family and friends can make them feel the same blessings. And of course, they’d be glad to know that you care for them.

Family & Faith

With faith in Santa and merry wishes, you can include all your family in one photograph for your holiday pic cards. Flowing scripts with bold and distinctive borders, highlight your family bonds before your friends and extended relatives.

You can further improve your xmas card by choosing a backdrop that highlights your family values. For example, green scapes are perfect for grounded living, while waterfalls and river drops are good for fluid lifestyle.

Regardless of what you believe in, it’s about what you want to show your friends and relatives to look forward to this Christmas.



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