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2021’s Best Investment Watches

2021’s Best Investment Watches

Luxury timepieces are great ways to accentuate an outfit, show off your social status, or simply to have a way to tell time.

June 12th, 2021

Luxury timepieces are great ways to accentuate an outfit, show off your social status, or simply to have a way to tell time. Many people purchase such luxury watch brands as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Seiko, IWC Schaffhausen, Vacheron Constantin, and Tag Heuer. On the other hand, collecting such brands as potential investment opportunities is a choice which many people make as well.

If you hold onto a highly sought after luxury timepiece, and let it accrue in value, you stand to make a lot of money. For this reason, watch investment collecting has become a huge part of the luxury watch world. You’ll find collectors who have purchased expensive watch brands like Rolex, Seiko, and Tag Hauer to eventually sell themselves. Today we’ll focus on which investment watches you should be looking at in 2021.

Patek Philippe

When you jump into watch investing, your first desire might be to purchase a solid gold or even yellow gold watch. Don’t sleep on stainless steel offerings offered by luxury watch makers like Patek Philippe, though. These investment watches are designed by a Swiss watchmaker, and the family-owned company is based out of Geneva. Celebrities across the world wear this brand of watch, which is second only to Rolex in the quality of their timepieces. These wristwatches are sought after by many people, and at one point many potential buyers were added to a waiting list to purchase a Patek Philippe watch.

These watches are some of the best investment watches because of their demand, their quality, and longevity. They are scarce, which causes increasing demand for the watch, and people love the design of the timepiece. You can also find a record of the watch in the Patek Philippe archives, and many of the watches are made in-house. You can rest assured that when you decide to add one of these timepieces to your watch investing collection, that you’ll have made the best choice. The price range for this luxury watch brand can be a bit high, but the potential investment opportunities associated with a Patek Philippe will be well worth it.


The name Rolex is synonymous with high living. People all across the world know the name of this luxury watch maker, and as a collector you should become well acquainted with the brand. The watchmaker offers high-quality gold watches and stainless steel watch selections. Often paired up with expensive wardrobe ensembles, the Rolex brand is synonymous with great quality, supreme design, and solid craftsmanship. They have a history of being created with high-grade materials. This can help with a resale to a potential investor.

As mentioned before, people love “living” the high life. As a result, many people will be willing to pay for an accessory like a Rolex luxury watch to help them accomplish this. By investing in Rolex watches, you stand to make a lot of money selling to first time buyers of such timepieces. For example, one of your buyers might be an executive of a Fortune 500 company who wants to pair a nice Rolex watch with nicely manicured gel nails. Having the right luxury timepiece to pair up with a great set of salon-quality gel or acrylic nails can speak to the financial status of that person. This is why a Rolex watch is a good investment to add to your investment watch collection.


Seiko watches are another luxury timepiece that should be considered when looking for a good investment watch. These watches are precise, durable, and stylish. Most of the higher-end styles of this watch can be compared to Swiss watches, making them even more of a great choice. Seiko also provides some of the best quartz movement watches, while also not being as pricey as other luxury timepiece brands. As an investor, these watches will turn out to be a lucrative investment in the long run.



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