If you have been following the trends in recent years, you would have come across many stylish bathroom decorating ideas. The bathroom is one of the essential spaces in our homes and a room that becomes a conversation starter at any gathering.

A functional and well-designed bathroom brings up the overall look of your home to a level where people want to visit you to check out your bathroom.

24 Stylish Bathroom Decorating Ideas

•Add a Small Table

Adding a small table is a great way to put some decorative edge on your bathroom. It can make it feel more like a home and less like the bathroom that no one uses. A tall coffee table, for example, can neatly fit under the sink.

•Add an Indoor Tree

Beautiful indoor trees are a great way to add some nature to your home decor. One of the simplest ways to create an indoor tree is by using potted plants. Line up several pots in front of windows, or use them as end tables.

You can place smaller plants inside more giant planters for a more personal touch. If you’re feeling creative, consider making DIY ornaments out of branches and flowers for your tree.

•Paint Everything One Color

One of the most important things to keep in mind when decorating your bathroom is a single color scheme. Whether you’re going for a sophisticated look or want to create a relaxing retreat, this will help the room feel more cohesive and give it a better aesthetic.

In addition, adding patterns can be fun and exciting and add some edge that will make your bathroom stand out from others.

•Choose a Colorful Rug

A colorful rug in the bathroom is an excellent way to add some color and make any room more inviting. Different shades of red, yellow, blue, and green are often used in the bathroom for this purpose. A colorful rug in the bathroom can also be an excellent focal point and help give your home a feeling of energy and life.

•Hang a Pendant Light

One of the best ways to decorate your bathroom is by hanging pendant lights. A pendant light can be a great way to add some flair and style to any room in your home. It also provides excellent lighting for the room, which is often hard to come by in bathrooms.

You can hang them from the ceiling or use them as a wall fixture, and you can even mix and match colors and styles depending on what look you’re going for.

•Paint the Floors

It is important to use colors and textures that directly tie in with the color scheme of your home. This can be achieved by painting the floor white, black, and grey and adding variations on these colors. Another option is to use a dark-colored tile such as charcoal or chocolate brown for the flooring. You can also use polished concrete floors.

To add some texture to the floor, consider using wooden or stone tiles that give off an aged look or metal tiles that add a modern feel to your space. Personalize the look by using a patterned tile, such as an abstract shape or circular shapes designed for stylish bathroom designs and decors all around!

•Eye-Catching Hardware

Another important way to give your bathroom a cohesive look is by matching the hardware and blinds. By doing so, you can take advantage of functionality as well as style.

Black or stainless steel mirrors should be added in all bathrooms for this reason since they’re such functional items that can do double duty as decoration if paired with other elements like keypad locks, lighting fixtures, and pendant lights, for instance.

To finish it off, consider using decorative towel hooks on chrome bars or geometric shapes to coordinate with the rest of the design scheme in your home.

•Use Fake Plants

There are many different ways to use fake plants in a bathroom. One popular example is the kind of plant that hangs over porcelain sinks. Another popular plant is called a “living wall.” These are made by attaching artificial moss or other greenery to the inside of metal frames, which can then be hung on walls or above showers.

You can also make your hanging vases, like the one pictured above. Just purchase some large clay pots and fill them with succulents or flowers. Then place these in strategic locations around the bathroom to create privacy for small space areas, such as between two mirrors, to keep them looking professionally done!

•Add Something Metallic

When decorating the bathroom, it is important to include a certain amount of metallics. Sometimes less is more, and many designers are doing these days with metals in their designs.

Adding metallic accents can be easy to bring some eye-catching style to any room without spending too much money. These accents can also make a space look more upscale and expensive as well as luxurious.

•Wallpaper Half the Wall

Bathroom decorating ideas may also include wallpaper in the shower or bath. There are many bathroom wallpapers with many different combinations that offer great visual effects when used within a complete room environment.

This can be anything from images to graphic shapes, even flowers depending on what motif you select for your home’s décor! You can enhance further by adding special lighting around this area to create an elevated experience when combining showers with bathing in the bathroom.

•Display a Robe

An interesting way to display a bathrobe is through threading the fabric into a cohesive patterned design that features your favorite colors and patterns. Sometimes it’s ideal for coordinating these choices with other theme elements for all pieces of décor connected visually, resulting in a beautiful end product!

Another option is finding unique storage solutions such as fish tank containers or reproductions of designer garment bags that are equally appealing when displayed within this area.

•Be Bold

Bathroom decorating ideas may include bold colors such as reds, oranges, and greens or patterns such as geometric shapes to create an eye-catching look.

A statement wall art piece is another option to consider for this area, whether it’s a framed painting or a large-scale print that complements the overall style of your bathroom décor.

When choosing a statement wall art piece, think about what elements you would like to display and check out artwork already installed in your home.

•DIY Wallpaper

There are many ways to decorate a bathroom. One way is to create DIY wallpaper. This can be done by painting over an old, patterned wallpaper with bright colors of the opposite color of the patterned wall covering or paint that creates a completely new pattern.

This can also include stenciling, painting, and taping your favorite images onto the walls. Well-placed accessories are the perfect finishing touch to the decorating of a bathroom.

•Upgrade Your Waste Basket

A wastebasket must be upgraded, so it serves double purposes. First, users can throw away items not meant for use on top of the wastebasket after using the toilet or sink. Second, mop water off themselves first before they drop wet towels or rags into this essential cabinet/cabinet organizer area located perfectly in front of most bathroom fittings that include a bathtub and faucets. The rule is to put white paper towels in the wastebasket, and again when it is fully stocked, clean white paper towels out so they do not overflow what might otherwise be a simple task for toilets leading to spills.

•Add a Fun Shower Curtain

Whether the style you are using is classic, contemporary or ultra-modern forward-thinking, there are many ways to customize your shower curtain liner in your bathroom.

The most recent trend goes back to Edwardian styles with much harder surface texture by framing them in one-inch wide pieces of wood.

This will make it easy when cleaning because if soap scum wipes off easier, these sorts of terrycloth liners give a vintage look for less money than many other liners.

•Opt for an Etagere

Turning bathroom cabinets – but they are essential in the room where you will stuff them full of storage solutions. An etagere can conveniently be used as a vanity organizer for lotions, perfumes, and other necessities.

One easy way to store all sorts of items is by adding decorative scrollwork on top-shelf units which aren’t flimsy or cheap looking at all prices to match your overall home décor style.

Bring a unique look into your bedroom by adding etageres along the wall behind your bed to store extra blankets, pillows, or clothes that are lying around.

Etagere can be easily tied using twine for hanging towels but is also great as a way to separate bottles of lotions and creams in scent-free environments.

•Install a Shelf

Install a Shelf Helps select a curtain rod that matches your window and fits within the available space. Measure how much extension is needed for anything over two feet to fit properly across or below it.

Horizontal rods can be added above bay windows near ceilings though hanging from beams often works too where they around light fixtures immediately around them in an open plan design, of course, should always add safety measures including satin ropes along with hooks should not ever use them with soap which could cause it to detach easily on the floor.

Use easy hanging rails on windowsill shelves for drying clothes, and baskets draped over towel bars before placing things on shelves, especially wide open shelving units but these types of cabinets are typically only single or double width where they can be set up in half-spaces along walls or upper floors if needed.

•Swap a Mirror for Wall Art

The mirror is a basic part of the bathroom. It is an individual’s reflection that can be used in various ways to make one feel more comfortable and confident about oneself. It is good for giving a room some extra sparkle and energy. This article will give you some ideas on how you can change a mirror into a decorative piece for your bathroom that will bring new life into your space.

Mirrors are common in bathrooms, but they can also be made into focal points for other elements to arrange. Whether it’s your bathroom, the guest bath, or even all together in certain settings like an exhibition showroom, mirrors can be used as innovative decorating tools that are really easy to incorporate.

•Pay Attention to Details

Make sure that the toilet area is neat. This way, you can avoid any mishap during your routine cleaning time in the bathroom. Toilet seats should also be clean always before use to prevent bacteria from growing inside them when not cleaned properly.

On the other hand, make sure water doesn’t leak out of tubs or showers when they are being used to ensure there won’t be any cause for uncomfortable smell behind closed doors while sitting anything.

•Add a Wall Sconce

Some homeowners find this decorative hanging light to be the perfect choice for replacing an ordinary wall sconce. While many other lights are low-wattage, LED versions use little electricity, and one eight-foot contemporary sconces might require about 65 watts out of your electrical panel so that they won’t take much power at all.

If you need more than one light due to different areas in the bathroom or even random purposes like reading, background lighting, and vanity lights, these stylish small wall accents can work perfectly to add accent lighting for a selected area of the room.

•Repaint Old Furniture

Take extra care of the furniture in your bathroom. You might have to replace something or repaint it, but this is a great way to bring new life into your space without spending too much money. You can go to a home decorator for this project or hire one of the many available repainting services, but do it!

•Splurge on Towels

Many homeowners find towels to be a great way to add an extra level of decor to the bathroom. The colors that are available for you to use will make your room pop and draw attention. You can even take it one step further by putting different colored towels on the wall next to each sink or dividing them into groups with different shapes or patterns.

•Add a Magazine Holder

To have a beautiful bathroom, you should focus on adding as many decorative pieces as possible. In addition to painting the walls and replacing old furniture, one other thing that can spruce up your bathroom is adding a magazine holder.

There are so many different magazines that people love to read that it would be a shame not to have them all in one place! This way, when guests come over, they will know where to go to find out what they need to know.


Bathroom decorating ideas are important for every home. A beautiful bathroom with stylish furniture and accessories can give a room a unique look that is hard to find elsewhere. You can choose from different types of bathroom decorating ideas, such as the ones we have provided in this blog post.


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