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25 Days of Holiday Health Hacks – Ready, set, go!

25 Days of Holiday Health Hacks – Ready, set, go!

The holidays are an exciting time, but with busy party schedules and the never-ending whatsapp groups, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself!

November 21st, 2019

The holidays are an exciting time, but with busy party schedules and the never-ending whatsapp groups, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself! To make sure you make it to 2020 intact in mind, body and spirit, here are our 25 days of health tips.


Its time to enlist exercise! We all love getting cosy inside with some cocoa and cookies, but a nice refreshing walk after dinner can do wonders for your body as well as your mind.

Start your morning right

Ever heard the saying: the way you start your morning will set the tone for your day? Well save those holiday treats for the evening and start your morning off right with a nutritious breakfast. Try NaIrn’s Gluten Free Porridge Oats (£2.00, Sainsbury’s) – they’re packed with fibre to keep you fuller for longer and provide long-lasting energy.

Did someone say Tea Time?

Take time for a tea break during the hectic holiday period! Not only does tea warm your body and taste yummy, but teas are also full of antioxidant properties and help promote overall health.

Search for the sun

Get as much sunlight as possible. This can be harder in the winter months because there is less sunlight, but your body needs Vitamin D, so prioritise getting outdoors or take a supplement. “If you can, get a liquid vitamin D3 and drop it under your tongue. It will go into the blood vessels under your tongue so it is absorbed quickly, rather than having to be digested if you take a capsule. I recommend NHP’s Vitamin D3 Support, (£12.97, www.naturalhealthpractice.com) free of preservatives, sweeteners and is suitable for pregnant women, children and adults,” advises the UK’s Leading Nutritionist Dr. Marilyn Glenville (www.glenvillenutrition.com).

Treat your dry skin

Stop skin from getting dry and dehydrated this winter by packing a tube of Nature’s Kitchen Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream (£8.99, Lovelula.com) in your bag. Evening primrose helps skin retain natural moisture; borage seed oil calms skin flare-ups and tamanu oil is the perfect anti-inflammatory.

Healthy can taste delicious

Host your own holiday get-togethers so you can cook with healthy and nutrient dense foods. Some of the supplements like SuperGreen TONIK taste much better than the other. Check them out at Super Greens Expert.

Control your indulgences

Indulge in holiday treats, but don’t let your indulgence last the entire month. Make healthier choices and spread out your holiday delights.

Stay cool

Getting flustered trying to do your shopping in stores that blast central heating? Spritz Alteya Organic’s Chamomile Water Spray (£7.95, Lovelula.com) to instantly cool irritated skin and add a bit of much needed hydration!

Hydration is key

Hydration is the key to a happy, healthy holiday. Holiday activities can drain you of your energy, so be sure to carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times and give your body the tools it needs to thrive this season.

Bundle up buttercup

Baby it is getting cold outside. Ward off winter illnesses by layering up for the cold weather! Keeping your head covered is vital as most body heat escapes from the top of your head.

Keep your lips soft for those mistletoe kisses

Swipe away the dull and dry to reveal the soft and supple. Alteya Organics’ Bulgarian Lavender Lip Balm (£3.60, Lovelula.com) is a natural remedy that will moisturise and soothe the harsh effects cold, wind and snow have on your lips.

Pick your favourites

Try new things, but don’t bother with treats you don’t absolutely love to keep your calorie intake reasonable.

Make healthier swaps

Approach your holiday chocolate with a healthy mind. Switch your regular milk chocolate for Ombar’s 72% Cacao (£2.99, Ocado), a dairy-free, plant-based chocolate that uses raw cacao, in all your dessert recipes this winter.

Steal a nap

We all love to stay up late in the winter months and enjoy a good holiday film or mingle with the family, but sleep is essential in maintaining your energy and fending off colds for the entire holiday season.

Get spicy this season

Use spices to fill your favourite seasonal dishes with flavour! Spices like fennel, cumin, ginger, anise, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric and cardamom all help with digestion and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Let your skin glow

Don’t let the craziness of the holiday’s sap your skin’s healthy glow. Use D’ALCHEMY’s Super Rich Multi-Hydrator (£40.00, dalchemyskincare.uk) to add long lasting, deep hydration and help your skin become smooth, radiant, firmer and more elastic.

Stressmass – no more!

“Christmas can be a stressful time. Plan well in advance rather than leaving things to the last minute, as excess stress can cause glucose levels to rise as part of the ‘fight or flight’ stress response,” explains Dr. Sarah Brewer, working in association with CuraLin the type-2 diabetes supplement (www.curalife.co).

Set goals before the holidays

Staying healthy can be a challenge during the holidays, so set your goals beforehand and stick to them like you would at any other time of the year!


In the shower, your skin loses a lot of moisture and starts to dehydrate, so it is important to replenish the moisture as soon as possible. Slather on Lyonsleaf Body Butter (£19.99, Lovelula.com) to lock in moisture and keep your skin protected against the elements.

Self- Care

Stretch, meditate or indulge in a sheet mask. The holidays can be extremely stressful, so make sure to take time to practice self-care and check in with your mental health.

Make your holiday traditions active

Physical activity is good for everyone in the family, burns off some calories and makes for some really fun holiday memories. Get everyone together for a wintry game of rounders in the park!

Smell the Seasons

Light candles with holiday scents and enjoy the peaceful power of aromatherapy.

Mix in your vitamins with your festivities

Vitamins and minerals are powerhouses for long-lasting energy. Try Natures Plus Source Of Life Gold Liquid (£44.95, www.revital.co.uk)— it tastes great mixed in with your favourite holiday drinks and provides a complete daily vitamin profile of 13 vitamins and 8 minerals.

Bust a move to holiday tunes

Festive music can be a great way to boost your mood and put everyone in the spirit of the holidays. It is also good for getting on your feet and keeping your body active.

Stop and smell the cookies

Enjoy this time with your family and friends and be present for it all!



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