We love new designers and labels here at HoC so when we heard that model Joe Ingham had a launched a label – we wanted to hear all about it

Why have you entered the world of design?     

 I have always had an interest in fashion and design. I was lucky enough to be scouted to be a model and worked for designers such as Raf Simons, Lanvin, Comme Des Garcon, Diesel and Rick Owens. I was surrounded by luxury. The high-end processes within fashion really inspired me, and I wanted to take what I had learnt and make it accessible to a different audience.

What is the background of your label? How did it form?

I started by messing around with some prints for t-shirts a few years ago. I created a name and after about 200 pages of brand development I finally found something that worked. As time passed it slowly developed into something bigger than I had imagined. The more I put into it the more it grew. I came to realise that NURAG has the potential to be something really cool an interesting so I kept pushing it. It very much comes from a place inside me, so as I have grown and developed over the past couple of years so has it. Now it’s ready to be showcased.

Three favourite items from the collection?

1. Textured panel Hoodie

2. Ribbed Kimono Tee

3. Textured panel Skirt

Who would you love to dress?

I’d love to dress FKA Twigs and LE1F. I’m really into how they incorporate so much creativity into their work. I think they would both look amazing in NURAG.

Do you have plans for expansion? Could you see your label being at London Fashion Week?

I have lots of plans for expansion. The brand is all about connecting fashion with the wider creative industries, so in the future I am looking to open shops in cities around the country/world that would act as a clothing shop, but also a place to showcase our own exhibitions, showcase live art, have DJ’s playing regularly in the space, maybe even a little coffee stand/beer fridge. Basically a collaborative and interactive shopping space connecting with the local creative environment.

I am more about showcasing creativity out of big cities. Lots of amazing things happen in London, there are obviously a lot of amazingly talented people in the city doing great things, however I think sometimes places out of London get overlooked. I’d be more interested in putting on events in the North Showcasing the talent we have up here, whilst still appealing to a “London market”…hopefully good enough to get London folk out of London!

If you could compare your label to anyone, who would it be?

That’s kind of a really hard question. It’s a mish mash of so much that has inspired me. From basic’s brands like SUNSPEL to high end designers like Damir Doma.

The fashion industry is tough and often not everyone gets to see the hard work that occurs behind the scenes – what do you do to keep sane?

My creative outlets seem to drive me insane whilst keeping me sane at the same time. Along with a set of great people around me that like to less loose. I love music and dancing. A great stress reliever.

Typical interview question – Your deserted on a island – what 3 things can you not live without?

I don’t hold much importance on most items to be honest…I am finding this a difficult question to answer because I can’t think of anything… probably my laptop and a camera for sure so I could keep busy whilst out there, and then probably a chicken so I could eat its eggs, I like eggs, and then I could eat the chicken after… :/ haha

Who inspires you

Day to day I get inspiration from everything around me, everywhere I go I notice textures, shadows, shapes, reflections etc, that all inspire my own creative process.

In terms of people that inspire me, I have to say people in my life that are following their dreams, or at least building a foundation for something they are passionate about. Seeing that makes me feel like I can do it as well and really pushes me to not stop.

Thank you Joe for stopping by! We are excited to see your progress and new journey as a designer!


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