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3 Australian Travel Destinations You Should Know About

3 Australian Travel Destinations You Should Know About

Australia broaches a lot of exciting conversations. It's the world's smallest continent, almost the size of the United States, with its population fewer than that of New York.


Australia broaches a lot of exciting conversations. It’s the world’s smallest continent, almost the size of the United States, with its population fewer than that of New York. The country has several travel destinations, from pristine beaches to huge nature parks with diverse wildlife. Here are three Australian travel destinations you should know about.

1. Sydney

3 Australian Travel Destinations You Should Know About

It takes a lot for individuals to enjoy their holidays to the max. Trip preparation can be a bittersweet experience, especially if you have a little time to visit an attraction-abundant destination like Sydney, Australia. You may need a travel brochure to ensure you get the most out of your tour. However, there is never a dull moment in Sydney, and you can refresh yourself with a heightened experience whether you’re on a short stay or a long trip.

Sydney is a bustling city, home to many different types of attractions. Often, the first thought that comes to a tourist’s mind when talking about Sydney is the shell-like on-water structure, the Sydney Opera House, due to its massive media traction. The Sydney Opera House was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in June 2007, making its 20th-century architectural beauty one of the significant and outstanding places on Earth.

Built by John Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is surrounded by water, pushing architecture and engineering to new limits. The famous building is bordered to the south by the 30-hectare Royal Botanic Garden, where you can enjoy iconic views, music, food, and everything the Sydney experience has to far. The Sydney Opera House also features an orchestra pit, audience seating, and a concert hall for performing arts lovers to enjoy symphony concerts, choir performances, and other special events.

Opera house is a great place, but Sydney offers far more than that. It’s easy to forget that the Sydney township was once a convict colony. The city itself is home to a lot of fabled history, and you can catch a glimpse of the historic experience in several ways. You can walk down the narrow, cobbled laneways and historic buildings of the Rocks, learn about the Gadigal Aboriginal people who were the traditional custodians of the Sydney land, and much more. The best advice to anyone visiting Sydney is to leave a little room on the itinerary for spontaneous outdoor fun.

2. Eildon

Eildon is best known for some of the best nature parks and the quirkiest wildlife on the planet. Lake Eildon caravan park, for instance, has existed for over two decades treating travelers to different types of entertainment. Many tourists visit the park because of its outdoor adventure. You can indulge in activities like swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, sailing, and fishing in the Victorian Alps.

Bushwalking or cycling can also be a great alternative if you’re not one for canoes and watersports. And you get add-on perks of sharing unforgettable memories with kangaroos, wombats, and various bird species. You can take a day trip to the family-friendly park or opt for tents to enjoy a night’s stay. Either way, you may have to spend more time catching a glimpse of unique endangered species like the spotted tree frog and brush-tailed phascogale. Eildon, with a population of 600 people, exudes a small-town charm. Strolling the township itself can be a worthwhile experience. You can engage with a thoughtful neighbor, and the warmth of it might be the best keepsake you’ll ever get from your trip.

3. Barossa Valley

3 Australian Travel Destinations You Should Know About

Barossa Valley is Australia’s richest wine region, with pure wine breweries serving world-class restaurants with premium wines. You can find wineries like Bethany Wines and Turkey Flat Vineyards that offer wine tastings for free. Others like Chateau Tanunda attach purchasing conditions to their wine tastings. However, you’re likely to enjoy the best and purest of wines in the world. This region in South Australia also boasts some of the best of nature. Places like Kangaroo Island can be your best bet if you’re yearning for a personal connection with Mother Nature.

Any or all of these three destinations should give you a unique Australian experience.



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