3 Brain Food Supplements

We all know that we should keep our Vitamin C intake at a healthy daily level through drinking orange juice or eating certain fruits, and that multi-vitamins can help our internal function work better, but did you know that there are specific supplements that can help increase our brain productivity and strengthen our memory?

#TeamCoco are all for increasing brain productivity, so when we heard about the different kinds of brain food supplements we were intrigued to find out more.

The Brain Food Supplement That Helps With Brain Cell Function

Nature Health Practice Omega 3 Support
£29.77 for 60 capsules
Available from Nature Health Practice – https://bit.ly/2lZZRBy

Essential fats, oil the body by lubricating the joints and skin, as well as
being a vital component of every human cell. The body needs them to balance hormones, insulate nerve cells, keep the skin and arteries supple and to keep the body warm.

Omega 3 oils can reduce the risk of heart disease, circulatory problems such as varicose veins, and they may help to decrease the risk of irregular heart rhythms, reduce the possibility of harmful clots by reducing the clumping together of platelets, decrease the growth of fatty plaques, help to lower blood pressure, and reduce the levels of triglycerides (stores of fat) in the blood. Omega 3 fatty acids also help to reduce inflammation and painful joints and they may be helpful for both mood swings and anxiety. And, Omega 3 fatty acids make up about 8% of the human brain so it is logical to see how they are important for the proper functioning of brain cells.

The Brain Food Supplement That Helps With Reducing Stress

Nature’s Plus GI Natural Digestion Wellness
£23.75 for 90 capsules
Available from Revital – https://bit.ly/2kqH9m7

Why let digestive problems hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest? Through digestion perfection, you can overcome occasional heartburn, reflux, gas, bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence and countless other digestive discomforts, while unlocking the energy and health-boosting nutrition of foods.

GI Natural Digestion Wellness goes far beyond ordinary digestive aids. Only GI Natural’s unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and supportive nutrients actually heals and strengthens the GI tract’s vital mucosal lining.

Benefits of taking GI Natural Digestion Wellness includes digestive ease, vitality, reduction of stress, better night’s sleep, awake refreshed, enhance immune defences, increase strength and stamina, and it can support a healthy weight and diet.

The Brain Food Supplement That Helps With Brain Health

ZENii Sunshine Bottled
Priced at £25 for 60 capsules

Available from: Skin City – https://bit.ly/2ksjkKG

ZENii’s Sunshine Bottled is a premium, high strength Vitamin D supplement designed for those who don’t get enough exposure to sunlight.

Each capsule is formulated with the most bioactive form of Vitamin D currently available (Vitamin D3), to provide skin with a daily dose of ‘sunshine’ in order to prevent the onset of a Vitamin D deficiency.

Essential for strong and healthy bones, Vitamin D also supports a strong immune system, brain health, prevents many degenerative diseases and improves skin health.

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