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3 Quirky Valentine’s Gifts

3 Quirky Valentine’s Gifts

February 6th, 2020

Bored of the same old Valentine’s gifts and want to try something different this year? We present three of our tried and tested Valentine’s gifts with a #TeamCoco twist.

1. For the joker: Pyropet candle

These candles might look cute but they have a surprise in store. The artistic, geometric animal sculpture slowly melts to reveal an aluminium skeleton. From Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir, you can choose your loved ones’ favourite pet: from a cat, a dog, a rabbit, an owl or even a unicorn. We tried out the pink rabbit and it provided the perfect reveal.

For more information, visit eu.54celsius.com.

2. For the comfort-seeker: YuYu hot water bottle

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, fair-trade, flexible and beautifully soft, the YuYu bottle is the perfect snuggly treat for your partner. The world’s first luxury long hot water bottle, the YuYu can be wrapped around your body so that you can actually wear it, enjoying delicious hands-free heat. Great for these winter months, we love how soft and versatile this gift can be.

For more information, visit yuyubottle.com.

3. For the romantic: Love Book

A customised photo love book telling your story is the ultimate in personalised romance. Far more meaningful than chocolates or flowers, you get the chance to create cartoon figures that look just like you, your own cover and your own text that tells the story which only you and your loved one share. A bit cheesy perhaps but we think it’s a thoughtful way to bring a smile to that old romantic’s face.

For more information, visit lovebookonline.com.

Rachael Lindsay

Rachael Lindsay

Rachael is about sustainable living and loves writing about everything from veganism to eco travel. She loves running, yoga and vegan food.