When you are preparing your home for a showing in the hopes of attracting the right buyer, you want to showcase it in such a way that allows those viewing it to see its positive qualities. However, potential buyers can be distracted from those qualities by a number of various things. Even if your house is a quality property that is priced fairly, most buyers will be deterred from making an offer if such things are amiss.

Thankfully, there are some easy fixes to the distractions that might be present in your home without you even realizing it. It is important to address these matters prior to showing your house to any potential buyers. With that in mind, here are three things about your house that might very well be distracting potential buyers and standing in the way of you receiving the offer that you need.

1. Clutter

Throughout the years that you have lived in your home, it is very likely that, like most people, you have acquired your fair share of items and personal belongings. You might have hung such things on the walls of your home, or perhaps you have displayed them on shelves and tables throughout your home. Even if, to your eyes, these items all seem to have a clear place, they can seem like clutter to potential buyers.

The fact of the matter is that when someone comes to view your home, you want them looking at the property itself. Too many personal belongings on display can distract a potential buyer while at the same time making it difficult for them to picture their own belongings in the house.

Take the time to clear out all of your displayed items and paraphernalia in order to allow the space to speak for itself. Even if you don’t yet have a new property in which you can move these items into, you can find more info about renting a self-storage unit for an affordable price.

2. Overgrown Bushes

It might seem like a small matter, but the condition of the landscaping outside your home is important when it comes to attracting potential buyers. First impressions are incredibly important, and anything that you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home is going to work in your favor.

The most important thing to do is ensure that the exteriors of your home are clean and tidy. Trim the bushes, cut the grass, and make sure that all walkways and driveways are clean and free of debris.

Overgrown bushes give the impression to potential buyers that you care little for the appearance of the property. Therefore, before they have even stepped foot into the door, they might already have decided not to pursue a viewing.

3. Poor Quality Photos

No matter how lovely your house is, it simply won’t appear to its best advantage if you have poor quality photos showcasing the property online. If the lighting is bad, it can make a house look dingy and unwelcoming, even if this is not the case normally. Likewise, if you choose to take the photo at the wrong angle or only provide one angle, potential buyers might think the space is smaller or larger than it appears or that you have something to hide.

Prior to taking photos, ensure that all blinds and curtains are open and that you have tested the best angles of the room. It might help to bring in a professional photographer to help you out with this.


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