3 Vegan-friendly beauty buys for Veganuary

Are you trying to conquer Veganuary this year or just fancy a more sustainable start to 2021? [...]

Are you trying to conquer Veganuary this year or just fancy a more sustainable start to 2021? All tried and tested, here are our favourite vegan beauty buys for the new year. Not only is every product 100% vegan but each will help your skin and nails recover from the harsh winter air too.

Saint Iris Adriatica Serenity Salve

Nourishing and totally vegan, this salve will soothe and hydrate winter skin. Pea peptide will give you a glow, seaweed adds suppleness and ten essential wildplant oils provide much-needed vitamins and fatty acids. 

As well as being vegan, all ingredients are from responsible suppliers and upcycled from the food, juicing and confectionery industries. It smells good enough to eat too. Siadriatica.com. 

Cienna Rose The Shield nail treatment

Did you know that a lot of nail products are not vegan? But Cienna Rose The Shield will nourish and strengthen nails without harming any animals in the process. Full of vitamins B5 and vitamin E as well as fresh lemongrass oil, this one is perfect to help nails recover from the winter cold.

Cienna Rose offers a full set of vegan nail varnishes and treatments. All are non-toxic and come in gorgeous colours: our favourites for winter are Merlot, Under the Stars and Rainbow Snow. Ciennarose.com.

Q&A Super Food Facial Oil

I have been using Q&A Super Food Facial Oil every night for a month now and I can see the results. Filled with jojoba seeds, prickly pear and over 12 nourishing fruit oils, the oil calms redness and improves skin buoyancy too. The feeling of smoothing the oil over your face before sinking into a deep sleep is divine too.

Q&A’s mission is to demystify skincare and everything is 100% vegan. Our other favourite Q&A vegan beauty buys are the activated charcoal face mask and the collagen face cream. qandaskin.com.

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