Literature has always been an important part of society, and there are no signs of this changing any time soon. With its importance also comes responsibility, as these notions shape our world views while moving forward throughout the decades. Classic literature offers a mirror of sorts, offering a reflection of cultural and social ideals in a particular era, which marks its significance in history.

This piece will discuss some of the ways that classic literature has shaped our world views.

Marriage Lessons from Classic Literature

Pride and Prejudice is a classic piece of literature hailed for its romantic notions, but it is much more than a romance story. One reader noted the important lessons they gained from reading Pride and Prejudice, stating that there were some poignant marriage lessons to be learned when reading this work.

Among them were “First impressions can be misleading”, “Mutual respect is essential in a marriage” and “Romance is not enough”. While a far cry from the Disney stories that offer the idea of a perfect relationship, classic literature accounts for the more real-life experiences, helping us navigate our own personal lives.

Smoking Influences from Classic Literature

It’s no surprise that trends stick with us and have an influence on how the world progresses, and classic literature allow these trends to have a permanent home.

The Great Gatsby is based on notably one of the most stylish decades, which definitely lent a hand in making illicit alcohol drinking and smoking with abundance stylish along with it.

It is not just the fashion and the cars that proceed to change and grow throughout the decades, but also activities such as smoking grow with us.

In the 21st Century, smoking very much has a different reputation now, jaded, and a far cry from the smooth and chic air that it used to command. However, it still holds great influence as we search for new ways to adapt to our old favorites. In this case, the example would be vaping. For those who enjoy vaping and its newly created culture, visit for a great selection of e juices.

General Life Lessons from Classic Literature

While we all learn from many books, classic literature shapes the world because of its acclaim. It is used in education, and in many examples to broad audiences which means classic literature covers more ground than most books will. The Catcher in the Rye is a shared honest account of somewhat “regular life”. With connotations of not being alone with oneself in frustration or life’s injustices, the wide reach of this classic helps spread empathy.

Of Mice and Men is also another strong literature classic offering the well-accepted world notion that a companion is better than being alone in times of trouble and need. That kindness goes an incredibly long way in the world, no matter how little.

Classic literature shapes our world views because of the gravity they have in the English language, learning, and the span of audience they reach, which is why in reading one of these works, we all end up a little closer to each other, influencing the world as we know it.


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