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3 Ways to Host an Amazing Travel Theme Birthday Party for Your Mini Jetsetter   

3 Ways to Host an Amazing Travel Theme Birthday Party for Your Mini Jetsetter  

September 29th, 2022

If your birthday child is also a little explorer that loves family travel, hosting a travel themed party will get everyone excited. In most houses, birthday parties are a big deal. So, you’ll want to make sure that the day is extra special for your mini jetsetter. Planning a party can be somewhat stressful, but with the right plan and some input from your child, you’ll be able to create the party of their dreams.

Tips from the experts are always helpful. Travel lovers and party planners, Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker are the founders of BLUEPRINT party plans. Their DIY service offers parents a blueprint of how to plan the party, how the party should run, a list of supplies, and theme related activities. The team has created over 3,000 birthday parties and have taken everything they know to create a fun and easy to use platform. What parents love about BLUEPRINT is that they can set their own budget. It’s all about high energy games and feeling included over expensive décor and entertainment.

Parents might want to check their favorite shopping websites to buy supplies, but it can be a great idea to see what you have at home first. Part of what your child loves about this theme are the memories that were made on the trip. Be sure to use souvenirs to decorate the space before you buy décor. It will feel more authentic and certainly be more unique.

If you’re ready to get set and jet to planning the perfect party, here are a few quick ideas to get started:

Use Your Imagination to take a Trip to the Bahamas with a Beach Theme Party

There’s nothing like a day at the beach when celebrating a birthday or embracing the summer sun with beach balls and sandcastles. It’s all about setting up the space in a way that’s fun and includes fun beach activities like beach balloon relay race and story time with a beach-read. If the party is taking place during the summer months and it’s a smaller group, you may want to host the party at the beach. Just be sure there’s enough adult supervision. A good tip is to use pails to mark the area where kids should say.

Host a Happy Hawaiian Luau Party

Hula through the party with leis, pineapples, and it magically turns into an amazing luau themed celebration. Have fun with activities like a ukulele relay race and loads of dancing! Use postcards from your beach vacations as part of your room décor. Take out beach towels and place them on the floor. It’s clean and an easy way for kids to enjoy a snack. Plus, clean-up is a snap! Kids also love beach themed music so be sure to include their favorite songs from playlists created over the summer or on a recent vacation.

Pretend You’re Taking A Trip to Vail or Saint Moritz

Winter birthdays can be loads of fun too! Create a birthday party experience where kids get to enjoy the fun things a winter wonderland has to offer without having to freeze. Make hot cocoa, add a wintery backdrop, use shimmer balloons, hang string lights and pretend you’re outside. If it’s snowing where you live, take the fun outdoors for a bit. Encourage kids to make snow angels and have a snowball fight.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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