3 Ways To Manage Oily Hair

No one likes the uncomfortable feel and, even more, the look of oily hair. [...]

No one likes the uncomfortable feel and, even more, the look of oily hair. A little bit of oil or sebum is good for overall hair and scalp health. But, too much of it can give away the impression of a dirty person lacking basic personal grooming skills.   

The causes of oily hair can be various: over-washing, hair type, hair products and shampoos you use, stress or diet, and lack of certain vitamins and nutrients, to name a few. Luckily, there are products for oily hair and effective ways to help you manage oily hair.  

  1. Manage oily hair without washing 

While over-washing can often lead to more greasy hair, you can’t find the time in the day to wash it, especially if you’re on the road, traveling. That’s when you can return to some practical ways of disguising grease and making yourself more presentable by managing oily hair without washing with the help of:  

  • Dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo is the quickest way to give your hair volume and texture by diminishing traces of grease. You spray it on your roots; after a minute has passed, you massage the roots and brush it out.  

  • Baby powder 

Baby powder is a staple product to be found in bathroom cabinets. Like the dry shampoo, it can come quite handy to mask the grease quickly and effectively.  

  • Cornstarch 

If you don’t have dry shampoo nor baby powder lying around, try cornstarch. But, beware if you have dark hair because it leaves a white trace. In that case, you can mix cornstarch with cocoa powder and massage it into your roots. Not only will you get rid of the grease, but your hair will also smell great.  

  • Oil-absorbing sheets 

You can use oil-absorbing sheets otherwise used to get rid of the grease on your hair. Simply part your hair in different areas, and then run the sheet along the scalp and roots. 

  1. Take additional steps to prevent and manage oily hair 

There are a few simple and easy things you can do to prevent oily hair and postpone the washing: 

  • Clean your brush 
  • Wear your hair up at night 
  • Don’t touch your hair often 
  • Drink green tea or use shampoos with green tea
  • Don’t over-shampoo 
  • Treat sebum imbalance with vitamins B12 and B6 

It’s always good to include as much of the right food for healthy hair in your diet, too. 

  1. Try safe and harmless home remedies for oily hair 

You can play around and try some safe and harmless home remedies that can help you fight the grease off. These include:

  • Green or black tea rinse 

Make a green or black tea by using one to two teabags. After the mixture has cooled down a little bit, add a cup of cold water. When ready, rinse your hair and scalp with the mixture. After letting it stay for 15 minutes, wash it off. Caffeine’s acid boosts hair shine, as well as strengthens and adds volume to your hair.   

  • Aloe vera and lemon juice rinse 

Mix two teaspoons of aloe vera gel to a tablespoon of lemon juice. Stir and add a cup of water. Use the mixture to rinse your hair, best after shampooing. After it has been set for a few minutes, wash it off with cold water. 

  • Tomato hair mask 

A tomato mask can help you eliminate excessive oil secretion and balance the pH level of your scalp.  

You need to blend one ripe tomato and mix it with one teaspoon of fuller’s earth. After you apply this mask on your hair and scalp, cover your head and leave it for 30 minutes. When ready, wash with cold water. 

A Little Effort Goes A Long Way  

Managing oily hair doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of work, time, and shampooing. By taking some simple preventive steps, and with the help of some affordable yet effective and quick fix-ups, you can have your hair looking clean and alive in no time.  

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