Figures released by Tinder show a 15% increase in use and messages sent from February to March, according to Psychology Today. With most businesses closed and strict stay-at-home orders in place, people, especially singles, have turned to the internet to stay connected. Thanks to video and messenger apps, online daters can hold virtual dates and engage in long and meaningful conversations. The in-app video call feature on various dating sites provide endless possibilities to virtually satiate your wanderlust with a potential partner.

Many singles see these changes as an opportunity to strengthen bonds with their significant partners. Others consider it as a chance to escape the conventional way of dating. So if you’re looking for more ways to socialize, check out these 3 ways virtual apps may change how people date.

Convenient and Safe For All Users

Meeting via in-app video chats on dating websites, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, allows you to create deeper connections without distractions. For instance, when you chat over Zoom and have dinner or a glass of wine, there are zero distractions than when you are out in a restaurant or bar. If both of you love adventures, you can virtually travel to various destinations around the world.

This makes virtual dates more convenient and affordable. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort of who will settle the bill on the first date.

Virtual Dating is Interesting

In the wake of COVID-19, virtual dates have become popular for all good reasons. Aside from convenience and safety, there are thousands of ways to make online dating interesting. During virtual chats, live streaming services and video calls help you and your partner keep conversations alive.

Depending on your level of creativity, there is nothing you can’t do to enhance your virtual dating experience. You may quiz each other, play games, order your date a bottle of wine and a meal, go on a virtual walk or picnic together, or create a shared music playlist.

Access to the Internet and Tools

For many singles, searching for a significant other on the internet is more thrilling and straightforward than the traditional way. No matter where you are in the world, internet connectivity allows you to meet new people and form strong relationships. Plus, the variety of dating websites eases the process of finding the perfect match.

Even if you are dealing with an anxiety disorder, dating apps provide opportunities to express yourself and explore your options without fear of being judged. For instance, you can start a new relationship immediately after a breakup and not feel anxious about meeting the last person you dated.

Dating during a global crisis presents unique challenges for most singles. For example, as much as individuals would like to meet physically and know each other better, it’s impossible because of travel bans. Fortunately, virtual dates create opportunities for daters to meet and connect. With internet connectivity across the world and dating apps, building long-term relationships is more convenient and safe.


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