30 Of The Hardest Things That Must Be Done To Achieve Success!

For those of you who crave or want success in life, no matter what it is you want to achieve, you will always be faced with difficulties and that’s just the way it is. People who aren’t able to see their dreams are differentiated to those who are able to see their dreams, as they are willing to do what others will not! Everyone can dream of success but if you actually want to see results, it requires one to take on difficult tasks and functions for which many people may not have the courage and stamina for.

Winston Churchill said,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”


The most rewarding results are generated through taking on hard tasks time and time again and this is what defines a person’s character. Success is a lifestyle and a mindset! And those of who found their version of success did not avoid the most difficult steps.

So for those of you who want to reach SUCCESS, here’s 30 of the hardest things that needs to be done:

1. End friendships if they are not beneficial to your overall goals.

2. Prove the doubters right by making mistakes, before proving them wrong in the long run.

3. Realise if those who try to put you down, aren’t worth your time.

4. Avoid the “fake it ’til you make it” belief and focus only on making it.

5. Allow the idea of “the greater the risk, the greater the reward” to lead your actions.

6. Fail with your head held high.

7. Wake up earlier than others.

8. Maintain self-worth even when nobody else sees your value.

9. Talk about ideas, not people.

10. Put in more than you get in return at first.

11. Stick to a strict schedule, even if it makes less time for excessive fun and relaxation.

12. Over-deliver, don’t over-promise.

13. Respect the competition.

14. Support the success of others, rather than hoping they fail.

15. Understand that the first version of your idea may not be the best.

16. Sacrifice your social life and weekends.

17. Admit you need help and ask others for guidance.

18.Turn the complex into simple, so people can best share your vision.

19. Be accountable for all failures without blaming others.

20. Accept insecurity and fear as unavoidable emotions.

21. Don’t actively seek credit for success.

22. Track finances to the penny.

23. Celebrate the small victories even if the end goal is far away.

24. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

25. Embrace change and adapt accordingly.

26. Place money at the end of your priority list.

27. Don’t overthink and learn to trust your gut feeling.

28. Do what others would say is an impossible task, without making excuses or feeling like a victim.

29. Get up after getting knocked down, stronger and more prepared than before.

30. Smile at the people who doubt your abilities.

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