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Victoria Warehouse is a completely unique, entirely innovative event space right at the heart of one of Europe’s most exciting cities, Manchester. 

Built in the 1900s, the flesh and bones of Victoria Warehouse has stood as a symbol of this city’s industrial strength and innovation for around 100 years, but it’s what’s happened under its skin that makes it a venue to really capture the imagination. We wanted to find out more about the venue and the people behind it so #TeamCoco spent some time with Director of Sales, Kayleigh, to find out more…

1. How did you get into the industry?
I’d always loved the travel industry, when I was younger I knew I wanted to work in hotels as I thought people only used them for holidays and guests always seemed happy. I went on to study Hospitality Management with Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University and part of my degree was a years industry placement which I completed at a 801 bedroom hotel with extensive conference & banqueting space in London. My career started there…
2. What is your favourite thing about Manchester? 
It sounds very cliche but its most definitely the people. Manchester is a great City and its most definitely the people that make it so great.
3. What has been the most extravagant event you have planned at Victoria Warehouse? 
Recently we held a wedding in our largest event space, The Cotton Sheds. It was a traditional Jewish wedding for over 400 guests with almost every space within The Cotton Sheds in-use, we had separate spaces for the bedecken, tisch, ceremony and reception. Our industrial, urban and raw warehouse was transformed into a romantic, elegant and truly opulent venue. The venue was filled with gold mirrored tables surrounded by ice chairs, white leather chesterfield sofas, lots of soft pink lighting, thousands of white fresh flowers and over £14,000 worth of chandeliers. It was a truly amazing spectacle.
4. Where is your favourite place to visit on the planet?
Recently I visited South Africa with my Husband, it was our fifth wedding anniversary and we wanted to go somewhere special. We spent a few days in Cape Town which completely took me by surprise as it was very cosmopolitan, we then flew to Kruger and spent 5 nights at a game reserve. Spending our days driving around in the blazing heat searching for animals was an unbelievable experience, we were incredibly lucky as we got to see the ‘big 5’ numerous times and your proximity to the animals is both terrifying and exciting at the same time.
5. What was the hardest challenge you’ve faced in work?
Probably the same one as most of the UK faced not so long ago and that was the recession. The industry took a massive hit as the first budget to be taken away for most clients was their events budget, all others were told to shop around and squeeze suppliers for their best rates. Eventually though budgets were given back as senior management realised the importance of delivering key messages to their teams, recognising outstanding service etc.
6. What inspires you?
My family, everything I strive to achieve is to ultimately make them proud and happy.
7. Tell us something that you’re still learning
My role, the industry. Trends, spending patterns, the technology we use is changing all the time and its important to keep up to date with that to ensure you stay current.
8. For any aspiring #GirlBosses what advice would you offer them? 
Don’t get too comfy it leads to complacency.
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