4 Advantages Of Making Use Of Professional Packing Services  

Whether you’re planning on moving house or business, it can be to your advantage to consider making use of professional packing services.

While packing yourself may save you some money, it may end up costing you money when it’s not done securely and efficiently. Time is of the essence, and a moving company is experienced in packing all your possessions, including valuable items professionally and safely to reduce the risk of damage or injury during the big move. Not only do these companies have trained professionals to perform the task, but they also have the right expertise and materials needed.

Helpful tips to consider when hiring a professional moving company:

1.    Schedule In Advance

Make sure to schedule a packing date at least a day or two in advance with the moving company to ensure everything is packed and ready when the moving truck arrives.

2.    Enquire About The Services Your Mover Is Providing

It can be highly useful to enquire if the moving company you are hiring includes packing services. This way you can save money as some removals sunshine coast providers offer a discounted price if you are making use of the full package deal.

3.    Make Sure You Are Present When Your Things Are Packed

You must work alongside the moving company to take inventory of all the goods which are packed, and it is vital that you know what is packed in which boxes before signing the list. All boxes must be marked and adequately sealed. You may have to service some of your appliances before the move to prevent any damages from happening during transit.

4.    Enquire About Containers And Boxes That Are For Sale

Ask your removal company if they have any boxes or containers that are offered for sale. Buying packing materials from your mover is usually cost-effective, and the materials are of better quality and more durable than boxes which are purchased from grocery stores. A moving company can help provide you with an estimate of the quantity and type of containers or boxes needed specifically for the move. If you are the one doing your packing, make sure you start sooner rather than later. You can begin with items that are not used frequently such as books, CD’s etc. Remember, moving companies do not accept liability for goods which were packed by owners in case of any damage occurring.

Tips To Consider When You Are Doing Your Own Packing:

  • Always pack fragile items or breakables in durable boxes and make use of strong packaging tape. These items will be traveling with the rest of your household items.
  • Make use of bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper to protect goods from damage.
  • Pack heavy things in smaller boxes and fill bigger boxes with smaller or lighter items.
  • Fill boxes to the top but be careful not to over-fill them.
  • When you are planning the move, it is essential to think about all your options. If your budget permits for it and you want to save time and unnecessary stress, it is worth thinking about hiring a mover for your packing needs.

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