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4 Attractions That Will Make You Fall In Love With Palm Cove

4 Attractions That Will Make You Fall In Love With Palm Cove

If you’re planning a week-long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Palm Cove must be on top of your bucket list. Palm Cove is a village found on the

December 3rd, 2020

If you’re planning a week-long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Palm Cove must be on top of your bucket list.

Palm Cove is a village found on the northern Queensland coastline that has become a great tourist attraction because of its beautiful weather and proximity to other tourist hubs that the region is proud of. It’s also the gateway to The Great Barrier Reef and the lush Daintree Rainforest.

Now you know why it’s a tourist’s favourite!

Aside from its great weather and beautiful location, Palm Cove has a lot more to offer. It’s home to countless attractions that every traveller, whether local or foreign, must experience in Queensland. To save you time, we listed our top 4 for you to check out when you visit Palm Cove!

The Great Barrier Reef

We’re crazy if this is not the first on our list. The Great Barrier Reef never fails to astound travelers with its calm waters and majestic marine life underneath. No wonder why this natural wonder gets the most visitors in all of northern Queensland!

If you want to hangout with the colorful and lively marine life, Cairns Aquarium offers a great package where you can swim with the sharks or appreciate the lively and gorgeous corals of The Great Barrier Reef.

Sundown By The Reef House

Spending a lot of time under the sun and under the water is fun and understandably tiring. Good thing you can relax in your private balcony at the Reef House which overlooks the Palm Cove beach where you can watch and wait for the sun to come down. Appreciating the beauty of the sunset is one of the best ways to cap off any day!

Reef House sits within the greeneries and emerald pools of Palm Cove. If you book your stay here, you’ll definitely be rewarded with scenic views and relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect when you just want to loosen up and unwind.

The Great Grandfather Of All Rainforests

The Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. It spans across the Cairns Region and nestles century-old trees and rare species of wildlife that have lived here on the earth before us.

If you have a thing for adventure, you’ll love this piece of land that offers a number of tours that you’ll definitely want to try.

You can marvel at the vastness of the rainforest from up above in the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. If you don’t fear heights, then you’ll love flying just meters above the canopy of trees. Don’t worry, weather-proof gondolas has been tried and tested to safely bring you to the other side while living a memorable experience!

If you’re afraid of heights but the waters don’t scare you, then a river cruise might be more suitable for you. Billy Tea Safaris is a tour that will allow you to cruise at a coastal route that leads to the Daintree River that’s almost covered with mangrove forests and wildlife. During this trip, you’ll be allowed to dip in the Emmagen Creek after a barbecue lunch in the forest.

Furry and Feathery Friends

If you’re an animal lover, you don’t wanna miss this in Palm Cove. You can book a trip to the Koala Gardens and Birldworld Kuranda if you want to hangout with our friendly neighbors from the wild!

Observe the Australian furry icons in their natural habitat in the Koala Gardens. Just marveling at the cuteness of these creatures while they’re eating, sleeping or just messing around is enough to complete your day! As a souvenir, you can carry them and strike a pose for a photo. Just ask some assistance from the staff.

If that isn’t enough, then a trip to the Birldworld Kuranda will feed the inner Steve Irwin in you. You’re allowed to roam around this park while 60+ species fly above you! Just be careful though. A cheeky macaw might land on your shoulder and hitch a ride. Well, just because!

From the atmosphere, to the picturesque views, and countless attractions and activities, Palm Cove proves to be the ultimate travel destination. It’s just hard not to fall in love with this place.

So whether you’re travelling alone, or on a honeymoon with your partner, Palm Cove really is the place to be. If you’re with the family, don’t worry. This piece of paradise is also perfect for you!

Pack your bags now and get ready to fall in love with Palm Cove!



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