Fitzroy Island is a shimmering sapphire gem right off the coast of the Cairns region, just north of Queensland. It’s one of the most sought-after destinations in the world with its old-world charm, clear waters, and, fine-sand beaches. Removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, Fitzroy Island is full of riches in natural resources–from the Great Barrier Reef to the greenery of the wild rainforest to the clearest skies that are a canopy of blue above the wilderness.

There are a number of amazing things to do while on the island which you can only experience while you’re on vacation at Fitzroy. In this article, you’ll find a well-curated shortlist of the best things to do in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Reading & Relaxing on the Beach

The Fitzroy beach has some of the finest sand in the world–it’s the perfect place to lay down a beach towel, rub on some sunscreen, and relax with your favourite magazine or your favourite copy of an old, well-loved novel. You can sit back, enjoy a cocktail, and relive your favourite adventures right in the heart of paradise.

Picnics Outdoors

Picnics are a great way of making every meal special and creating synergy between cooking and the great outdoors. Ideal for families, couples, and solo travellers alike, this activity is fun and allows you to flex your culinary and creative skills when packing your picnic basket. Take this one-of-a-kind opportunity to dine under the vast sky South of the world.

Whether you choose to have your picnic right on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shore while feasting on smoked meats or you opt to lay out a spread in the heart of the wilderness under the shade of your favourite tree, this option is a great way to maximize your experience of the great outdoors.

Trekking & Camping

Fitzroy Island also has some of the best nature trails in the world–its forest is rich with flora and fauna and offers a great experience of diversity in the wild: from unique flowers that only grow in the South of the world to Koala bears and other rare animals that call the island their home.

The island’s walking trails are a unique experience that can be enjoyed in a number of different ways. There are two main tracks to choose from when choosing which way to hike. The Secret Garden Track traverses the western border of the island, offering a bird’s eye view of the rich rainforest. The Nudey Beach Track, on the other hand, delves into the heart of the woods and culminates in a breathtaking view of the clear Nudey Beach forefront.

In addition to choosing where to go, you can also opt to customize your trekking experience according to your preference in how long you want to hike–you can choose to go on a day hike and experience the rigours of the trail before heading back to the beach and relaxing as you enjoy the sunset or you can opt to take your tent and set yourself up for a picturesque night of slumber under the stars.

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef & Other Ocean Adventures

A trip to Fitzroy Island isn’t complete without a snorkelling adventure to see the spectacle of sea life and the wondrous colourful coral of the Great Barrier Reef. Watch the wonders of the ocean and take in the colour and lustre of the ocean like you only can at Fitzroy. Soak in the ever-changing beauty of the ocean and be one with the wild, riveting nature of the sea.

You can also explore other ocean adventure options once you’re done snorkelling. You can enjoy sea kayaking and glide across the surface of the water to better appreciate the fine line where the sea and sky meet or you can also choose to go diving and delve deeper into the water, exploring the ocean bed and the various types of fish swimming in the depths of the water. There are endless wonders for you to experience in the waters surrounding this gem of an island.


These awesome adventures are only some of the many splendid things which await you at Fitzroy Island. There are also a number of other activities like water trampolining which offers you the thrill of jumping above the blue of the ocean and visiting the Turtle Rehabilitation Center which gives you a real palm-to-earth connection with the landscape of the island. If you’re looking for more items to cross right off your bucket list, book your trip now, and treat yourself to a one of a kind island vacation that will change how you see the lush wonders of nature!


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