Many people do not appreciate the taste of protein powder for workouts. For some, the taste is comparable to sand or cardboard, especially in the past. However, there are many creative ways to enjoy protein powders for workouts so that gym buffs could easily reach their fitness goals.

4 Creative Ways to Enjoy Protein Powder for Workouts

Most personal trainers recommend consuming protein powder milk or shake three times a day for weight gain. It is hard to imagine the torture one’s tastebuds have to go through with an awfully tasting drink. Why don’t you try these ways to make your protein powder for workouts taste a lot better.

1. Choose the Right Protein Powder

There are many kinds of protein powder for weight gain available in the market. First, you have to know that protein powders have different tastes based on their type and form. The right choice will make you a step closer to an enjoyable protein boost.

  • Protein Concentrates: These are concentrated protein forms made from whole food. They contain 60 to 80 percent protein with the remaining component either carbohydrate or fat. Protein Concentrates do not taste as good and may be difficult to mix with liquid.
  • Protein Isolates: Protein isolates contain up to 95 percent protein and were produced through longer and better filtration procedures. They contain less fat and lactose. They are usually made with flavorings and are a bit pricey, too.
  • Protein Hydrolysates: This form of the protein has the highest absorption rate and is processed using heat and certain enzymes. They are more expensive than isolates but do not really have much difference except for the taste. It is usually bitter.

On the other hand, there are different types of protein powder you can try. Each of these types is made from whole foods, but with different PDCAAS (protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score).

  • Whey protein
  • Casein protein
  • Egg protein
  • Pea protein
  • Hemp protein
  • Brown rice protein
  • Mixed plant proteins

2. Get a Good Brand

Of all the three protein forms, maybe it is fair to say that protein isolates are the most ideal choice. First, they are the least bitter. Second, they come in different flavors, and third, they mix with liquids better than protein hydrolysates and concentrates.

There are also many brands of protein powder with sweeteners and enhanced flavor. One example is Protein Milkshake Organic Grass-Fed Organic Powder, which is a great choice when it comes to taste. It has good reviews for its mouthwatering flavors including vanilla caramel and chocolate mousse cake.

3. Don’t Use a Spoon for Mixing

Choose a good protein powder brand and you would not have to problem the lumps a lot. However, it is very natural for the protein powder to form lumps when you mix them with any liquid. Therefore, it is best to use a hand mixer or a blender instead of a spoon. You can also use a shaker cup to avoid clumping.

4. Enhance Taste with Other Ingredients

A good brand may already go well on its own, but for poor choices, adding other ingredients that promote wellness to your protein powder will still improve the taste. When you add ingredients, remember that protein powder goes well with starchy, sweet, creamy, or nutty flavors.

Try adding fresh fruits, nuts, and other flavorful ingredients to level up your protein powder drink for workouts. Using milk instead of water will also make a creamier protein drink.


There are creative ways to enjoy protein powder for workouts. Select a good brand, enhance the flavor using ingredients that complement its taste, and use a blender or a shaker cup to enjoy a clump-free protein drink or smoothie.


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