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4 DIY Matcha Beauty Tips for Self-Care Sunday

Imagine loving matcha so much that you include it in so many aspects of your life. No one can blame you.

Imagine loving matcha so much that you include it in so many aspects of your life. No one can blame you. Matcha is quite addicting because it’s healthy, natural, and just too good as both food and drink.

If you had the choice to roll in a pile of powdered matcha green tea powder, would you do it? If your answer is yes, there’s a milder version of that fantasy, and you can do it at home. Taking the matcha you already have in stock and using every bit of it without waste, enjoy some of these DIY matcha beauty recipes.

Matcha Green Tea Lip Balm

As a matcha lover, you probably already know all the great health benefits it brings, but in case you don’t, check out this article to read all about it. Matcha has a distinct, earthy flavor, and if you can’t get enough of it, why not create a matcha-flavored lip balm? This recipe calls for shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, and essential oil of your choice.

You can choose to reuse a clean old lip-balm container or a small jar. The recipe is a standard lip-balm recipe and easy to make. Although it is safe on your lips, you’ll have to restrain yourself from biting off the whole tube because matcha tastes so good.

Matcha and Brown Sugar Body Scrub

If you’re ever feeling the pressure and stress from either school or work, there’s no better feeling than having a long soak in the tub. Nothing beats the feeling of being warm and squeaky clean after a bath. Bath bombs and other luxury items certainly make the activity more relaxing and enjoyable, but what if you can’t afford them?

You can turn to DIY bath products using the items already in your kitchen. As a matcha fan, you can’t be without the powdered green tea powder in your cupboard, so of course, you have it. Exfoliate and nourish your skin by using this body scrub recipe, and with it, erase your weariness from the happenings of the day.

Calming Matcha Green Tea and Oat Mask

Having breakouts, redness, and excessive oiliness that’s almost beyond control? There are a lot of factors that may contribute to those problems. Poor diet, abrasive cleansers, and a dirty pillowcase may be some of the contributors to that. Get rid of those factors by eating healthy, changing to an organic cleanser, and replacing your pillowcase more often.

However, if the irritation persists, use matcha. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and if you’re not allergic to applying it on your skin, you can use it as a mask. This DIY beauty-mask recipe uses a couple of ingredients, including fine oats, matcha, raw honey, and some warm water. All you need to do is mix the ingredients until they form a paste, and then apply the mixture on your skin.

If you want to make the mask more efficient, consider massaging it on your skin gently. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. You’ll immediately notice you’ll have softer and much-calmer skin.

Matcha and Honey Face Wash

Matcha is known to be gentle and effective such that those with dry and sensitive skin can tolerate it. If you’ve been looking for a way to switch to an all-natural cleansing routine, then you can try this organic face-wash recipe. It makes use of honey and matcha, which are both anti-inflammatory and calming. Also, the smell of matcha and honey is something to look forward to when you get home and do your evening beauty routine.

The recipe also calls for castile soap, avocado oil, and tea tree essential oil. However, you should change the oil you’re using depending on your skin type. Oily skin types can use lime, bergamot, and cypress. Other oils for dry skin include geranium, myrrh, and cedarwood.

Feel free to share your favorite organic DIY beauty recipes in the comments section below!

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