When you think of England, amazing day trips are probably not the first thing that springs to mind. But the tiny little piece of landmass in the Atlantic actually boasts some beautiful and idyllic landscapes. Spread out across the country, and there is no shortage of places that are beautiful and naturally stunning.

Organizing a day trip for residents of a nursing home can be stressful. We have made this list of our top 4 favourite day trip locations across the United Kingdom to make that task just a little bit easier. With the rising amount of news stories on nursing home neglect, this can be a great way to show the families of your residents that you care about the health of their loved ones. A day trip to any of these beautiful spots and some fresh air feels great, no matter what the age or situation.

Porthcurno – Lands End

This is perhaps the countries most idyllic bay, the beautiful granite cliffs are covered in lichen, and the sand is spectacularly white. Popular with families, at low tide, you can walk between the different beaches and sit on sandbars whilst watching the blue water roll in against the old cliff castle of Treryn Dinas.

Blackpool Sands

In the south of Dartmouth lies the gorgeous shingled coastline of Blackpool sands. The water that comes in here is turquoise clear and very calm. Because of this, it has become a great destination for families, and you can hire a kayak or a paddleboard and explore the coastline. If you don’t feel that adventurous, bask in the sunlight on the golden beach and go for a dip in the calm, beautiful water.


The dunes at Formby in Lancashire are actually protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. From their peaks, you can easily see the Cumbrian Mountains. The walkway to get to this perfect spot is surrounded by pinewood trees. As you walk in, you can even visit the red squirrel reserve. This vast stretch of beach is perfect for those who like their own space as you can set up your towel with no one in sight. The sunsets here are particularly spectacular.

Lunan Bay

Lunan Bay is technically in Scotland, but we had to include it here as it is one of the most gorgeous spots in the whole of the United Kingdom. Overlooked by an ancient castle, these dunes and the 2 mile stretch of red sand are just breathtaking to look at. The area is immensely popular with birdwatchers, too, with hundreds flocking to the spot every week. Surfers and riders also frequent this beach too, with high waves and riding tracks to please everyone. The sands here have a rosy tint, and due to the type of rock here, you can often find precious stones like agate and jasper just lying in the sand. Make sure you are careful swimming here, though, as the currents are very strong.


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