Home care products are a lucrative business venture given how widely used and in demand these products are. All the same, it can be challenging to make your brand’s presence known in the market, especially when you’re a new brand and up against more established players in the industry.

If you want to make your brand stand out, one of the best things you can do is diversify your catalog. Since the products that many home care companies already offer feature similar looks, formulations, and functions, your best bet for grabbing the attention of your consumers is stocking your shelf with household care products that are innovative and that cater to their current lifestyles.

Here are four innovative home care products you should consider offering to your customers to help your brand grow in the industry and give it a distinct identity:

Green Home Care Products

Many of today’s consumers are making the conscious choice to buy from brands that offer sustainable, eco-friendly, and locally made products. This shift in buyer behavior is driven by people wanting to leave a positive impact on society and the environment. That makes them more inclined to buy green home care products to support a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Producing eco-friendly products that use sustainable ingredients, like those that depend on coconut-derived formulas, may initially increase production costs. But the returns on your investment will greatly benefit your brand. When eco-conscious consumers are aware that you source your ingredients through ethical and sustainable means, as well as package your products using eco-friendly materials, they’ll be more willing to buy your products—even if they’re more expensive than their generic counterparts. This is because they can rest easy knowing that their money is going to an innovative and socially responsible company.

Smart Cleaning Gadgets

If you want to include electronic cleaning products to your catalog, it’s a good idea to add smart cleaning gadgets to the list. Keeping a house clean and sanitized is a lot of hard work, so it’s not unusual for people to look for appliances that can help them complete their housekeeping duties more efficiently.

What makes smart cleaning gadgets different from typical home cleaning appliances, however, is their convenience. Many of these gadgets are designed for hands-free operation and provide users with more consistent and reliable performance. As a result, consumers can maintain a healthy and clean home environment without taxing their bodies.

One example of a smart cleaning gadget is a robot vacuum. This compact, yet powerful machine can clean several floor types and stay on top of consumers’ daily vacuuming duties without fail. A lot of robot vacuum models can also connect to smartphones, allowing users to control their smart vacuums, as well as configure their settings, through an app.

Another smart gadget your consumers will appreciate having in their homes is a smart air purifier. Like most air purifiers, smart purifiers use high-efficiency filters to trap particles that contribute to poor indoor air quality in the home. What makes them “smart,” however, is the user’s capacity to control and adjust the appliance’s settings via an app on their smartphone. Some even come with voice-control support for easier operation.

It would be a good idea for your brand to capitalize on the demand for smart gadgets and become a one-stop shop for both ordinary home care products and smart home appliances. Consider retailing some of these appliances in your store in addition to items that you’ll produce yourself.

Products That Offer Aromatherapeutic Benefits

The powerful cleaning chemicals present in commercially available home care items are known to produce sharp odors that can cling to floors, walls, and furniture. A lot of consumers find these odors unpleasant and uncomfortable. Providing home care products that address this problem can garner your brand interest among new consumers. For that reason, consider carrying scented household cleaning products that come with aromatherapeutic benefits.

If you want your products to be less harsh on your consumers’ noses while still fulfilling their intended functions, explore natural ingredients and essential oils when formulating them. These can impart your products with distinctive aromatherapeutic qualities that can ease the nerves and create a calming and relaxing home atmosphere.

Products That Have Simple, Yet Innovative Designs

Some home care products are designed to simplify the process behind certain household chores. For example, liquid detergent capsules eliminate the need to measure liquid detergent since each capsule is pre-measured to accommodate a normal-sized load of laundry. Consumers only need to toss a capsule into the washing machine drum before placing their clothes in the washer and starting the wash cycle.

Following this example, offering products that have simple, yet innovative designs will give your customers a leg up on their chores. If they can remember your product for how much easier it’s made their home life due to its innovative design, you’re likely to have their support in the long term.

Indeed, one of the biggest challenges of running a home care products business is making your products more appealing to your target audience. To give your business an edge over its many competitors in the industry, let your customers know that they can expect innovation, sustainability, convenience, and ease of use from the products in your catalog.


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