The modern man can never go wrong with a sleek watch to make him look sharp. Now, the perfect watch can be anything that matches your outfit. The ideal watch for you can also mean that you like its details and materials. Regardless of your idea of a perfect watch, Oris has been producing top-quality watches for years.

Whether you are looking for a watch to add to your rotation or collection, Oris watches are one of the best watches you should look into. You can never go wrong with a versatile Oris Chronograph on your wrist. You can also wear something more functional, like a beautiful Oris Diver.

Adding variety and a whole lot of flair through Ori Watches is a must for any watch rotation. We had to name our favorites in each model and lines of Oris timepieces. With that, we managed to curate four of our favorite Oris timepieces that we think are a good addition to your collection.

Divers Sixty-Five From Oris

No man can ever go wrong with a functional watch like an Oris Diver. The Oris company has been making Divers for a long time. This time, we will talk about one of our favorites, the Divers Sixty-Five from Oris.

If you want something that takes inspiration from the past, This Oris Diver is perfect for you. However, this vintage-inspired watch does not feature vintage technology. Oris does not fail to give you an updated version of their classics.

The design of the Oris Divers might be vintage, but Oris combined it with modern functionality in this timepiece. Your next Diver will have advanced features like the unidirectional bezel. No matter what Oris updates on their Divers, you can be sure that the design will always stay faithful to the vintage feel and structure.

Oris Big Crown (Pointer Date)

What better watch to add to your rotation than something you can wear both formally and casually? The Big Crown Pointer from Oris is the perfect watch for you in terms of versatility. This timepiece is a good conversation at any casual event.

The reason why this Oris watch goes well on any occasion is because of its subtlety. If you want a subtle, but sharp-looking timepiece to add to your rotation, then the Big Crown (Pointer Date) is the perfect watch for you. Add comfort with its subtle and classic design, and you will get a well-rounded watch. This Oris timepiece comes in with a leather strap and a coin-edge bezel. Everything about this watch screams luxury yet subtle, comfort, and class.

Oris Aquis Date Blue

The Oris Aquis is a highly-notable and famous Oris model, particularly the Oris Aquis with a Date Blue Dial. This watch is from the famous Oris Aquis line, which received a lot of reinterpretation over the years. However, Oris stays faithful to the Aquis line by using elements that pay homage to the vintage ones. The Date Blue Dial variation has a more natural flow in the watch design thanks to the changes in the toning of the angular lugs.

You can use this timepiece easily because it’s a comfortable clasp. The clasp also extends out so you can wear this timepiece over your wetsuit. This Oris timepiece also has a leather/rubber option for the strap, which is both functional and subtle. It is also water-resistant and can go for as deep as 300m.

Oris Audi Sport

There is no watch more sporty than the Oris Audi Sport with the Black Dials. This watch is a highly-functional watch with a titanium-fused case and a bezel that rotates in different directions. Everything about this watch feels luxurious, and it even comes with a leather strap finish. It also comes in a blacked-out finish for an aggressive and stunning finish.

You do not have to worry about scratches on your Audi Sport Black Dial. It features a sapphire crystal that is anti-reflective to protect you from scratches. This watch pays homage to the relationship of Oris and Audi Sport. So, this watch should be a must-have for both of your watch rotation and collection.


Oris timepieces are some of the well-rounded Swiss watches on the market. You can never go wrong with a watch that makes you stand out among a crowd. Oris watches will give you the best features in terms of functionality that is guaranteed to make you look sleek, sharp, and feel comfortable.


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