“Dress to impress” is always on our minds whenever we get ready for a special event or occasion. We not only want to look good but also impress the onlookers. Explore our curated collection of outfit ideas to ensure you stand out stylishly.

This is just about right.

But sometimes, I feel this adage is incomplete. It shouldn’t only be ‘dress to impress.’ I think it should be “dress to impress and stand out.”

Merely impressing others with your outfits feels a little basic. This is what everyone does. But are they standing not? No.


If you think this is another fashion blog hinting at layering every item there in your wardrobe, you are wrong.

This blog is all about standing out, yes. But, how can you stand out while putting in minimal effort and combining as few clothing items as possible? Let’s talk about that.

What is your go-to wear?

Outfit Ideas


We all have go-to wear. Whenever we suffer from the “Oh! I don’t have anything to wear” virus (deliberate hint at the real virus that starts with C), we take out our go-to dress and wear it like we are the fashionistas par excellence.

So, what is your go-to dress – a three-piece suit or basic t-shirt and chinos, business casual or just a plain shirt and dress pants? Find your comfort wear.

How to do that: See where your hand goes in your wardrobe whenever you’re feeling out of ideas. The shirt you take out, or the pant you opt for, is your go-to wear.

Now that you have go-to wear, keep it as your base outfit. Whatever you want to add, do it on this outfit. In this way, you can easily style while staying true to your roots and not stepping out of your comfort zone.

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Never ignore the importance of a well-fit dress


Grab-and-wear outfits are cool, easy and a quick solution to all your dressing worries but a well-fit suit – made for your body only – still holds unmatched glam when compared with readymade outfits.

I am not saying to get every item in your wardrobe tailored. But for those special occasions, you must have a few tailored and well-fitted suits to sprinkle your charm.

The cost of tailoring puts many people off, but they ignore the other benefits that come with it. You don’t have to replace your clothes after some time, as with readymade clothes when they get tight.

With tailored clothes, you can adjust the fitting as you like. It can accentuate just the right body parts and doesn’t get tight while sitting or bending.

You can choose the quality of the cloth when getting your clothes stitched. This gives your clothes extra longevity, and the quality that a high-quality fabric exudes is unmatched by any readymade outfit.

Make unique apparel choices


I don’t know what it is with men and their wardrobes being dominated by four basic colors; black, blue, grey, and white.

Is there a Biblical verse that says men can only wear these banal colours? Well, no offence to the lovers of jet-black and navy-blue colours, but they sort of become boring after a few times.

Yes, black gives oomph to men’s looks, blue pants with a white shirt is charming en masse, and grey brings unmatched decency, but there are so many more colours out there that we are simply too afraid to even try. Why?

A good place to start is by adding some colours and vibrancy to your wardrobe. Here are some colours that men can effortlessly pull off:

  • Maroon
  • Olive Green:
  • Purple
  • Caramel Yellow
  • Zinc
  • Chocolate brown

Also, you should experiment with textures and patterns. If you wear monochrome shirts, try adding some checkered shirts to your wardrobe. Also, try patterns like plaid shirts, polka dots, anchor prints, paint drops, floral prints, rainbow lining, star prints, circle prints, etc.

Now that we have added vibrancy to your top, you must match it with equally stylish bottoms. Replace your casual pants with cotton pants or chinos. It will give your overall outfit a business casual feel.

Mixing colours that look stylish yet decent is the trick here. For example, your white pants can complement your purple or maroon shirt. Wear black jeans and top them with an olive green or zinc shirt.

How much layering is enough


Layering depends upon your comfort level and, of course, the weather. For summer and the fall, the outfit’s layering is pretty basic. Winter is the season when you can go overboard with your layers.

For casual summer outfits, a plain t-shirt with pants, and add a layer of a chequered or plaid shirt on it. You can also flip these layers by wearing a half-sleeve shirt and over a t-shirt – very Sheldon Cooper-esque. Even a Denim jacket can fit perfectly well with your summer outfit.

There already are so many options for winter layering that the season isn’t long enough to try them all. Jackets, coats, blazers, vests, knitwear, mufflers, scarves, etc., are all there to complement our outfits. But still, a good quality leather jacket rules them all.

But everyone wears a leather jacket in the winter, how can you stand out? Here is a tip: don’t buy the ones everyone else is buying.

A few years ago, I had to buy a jacket for myself. But I didn’t go for the biker, suede, or bomber jacket – eh! Too common. I bought a cosplay jacket from Alamode Jackets. I am not lying when I say that in every gathering, I stand out because of this one different choice that I made.

Final words

To stand out among the crowd, you first have to overcome your fear of trying something different. Ask yourself: who stands out from the crowd? The one who does the same as everyone else, or the one who tries to start his own thing? When it comes to fashion, considering unique outfit Ideas can be the perfect way to express your individuality and leave a lasting impression.

Coming up with standout dress ideas isn’t hard. You also don’t have to completely walk out of your comfort zone to be different. Just make subtle colour and pattern choices, and you will get elegant and stand-out outfits every time.


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