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4 Reasons Why Choose Sustainable Furniture

After decades of relying on plastic or logged timbers for furniture, consumers seem to be more environmentally aware now more than ever.

After decades of relying on plastic or logged timbers for furniture, consumers seem to be more environmentally aware now more than ever. One proof is the surge in sales of furniture that are made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

Owners of hotels, restaurants, and private homes have turned to sustainable home pieces, replacing the traditional ones. And it’s not only becoming a trend that will fade sooner or later. It seems that sustainable furniture is here to stay.

Craftsmen from SLH Furniture tell us why the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly furniture has risen up and why you should jump on the trend, too.

1. Sustainable Furniture Impacts Nature Positively

There are four criteria on how furniture is labeled sustainable: materials, transportation, construction, and durability. And each of these criteria have either a direct or indirect effect on our environment.

First, materials. A sustainable furniture must be made of either reclaimed wood, recycled goods, or ethically sourced timbers. The more we use reclaimed wood, the lesser we cut trees for our tables and chairs. Best examples of such material are boat ruins that drifted on the shore, or woods from construction sites that are upcycled to create a piece.

Next are the methods of transportation and processes on how the pieces were made. It doesn’t make sense when manufacturers use ethically sourced materials but burn tons of fuels to run their machines or transport their goods.

A furniture that’s truly sustainable is made from ethically and locally sourced materials, because they don’t have to burn gas just to transport the pieces. In addition, sustainable furniture is usually handcrafted, because machines that make traditional pieces still burn fuels that are hurtful to the environment.

Lastly, the furniture must be long-lasting and robust enough to withstand destructive elements. Home pieces that have long lifespans help you reduce your household waste because you don’t have to buy a replacement every time a leg chair is broken.

2. Breathing A New Life To Discarded Materials

Reclaimed wood from boat wrecks or construction ruins are the best materials for eco-friendly wooden pieces. They may look like simple trash at first but once these woods are processed and crafted, you’ll be surprised how elegant and posh the finished product is.

These woods often undergo drying, curing and sanding to make sure that the original gloss of the timbers is highlighted. What’s more interesting are the weathered parts of the wood that give the piece a unique personality and interesting story that a processed material just can’t provide.

3. Magazine-Worthy Aesthetics

If you’re into reading lifestyle magazines, chances are you’ve seen sustainable furniture gracing a full page or a spread. And we bet you didn’t know they’re actually made from discarded woods until you saw the accompanying article. Well, looks can be deceiving.

The natural aesthetic of these types of woods have made rounds on the internet, too and are actually approved by some big names in the fashion and entertainment industry.

It only goes to show that eco-friendly furniture not only helps the environment but also helps you achieve an elegant look and feel in your home.

4. Affordability

Since eco-friendly furniture pieces are usually made from discarded woods, they are usually cheaper than the traditional ones.

In addition, sustainable home pieces are also durable enough to withstand the test of time and exposure to elements. With this long-lasting quality, you don’t have to buy new furniture every now and then. This proves to be more cost-effective for you than buying cheap and processed ones that can easily break anytime.

There are numerous ways we can have a good impact on our environment. And one is preferring sustainable furniture more than the ones which are made of plastic and logged timbers. If this is the best way we can help, we should really participate in the movement.

Moreover, purchasing eco-friendly pieces will not only help our environment but also help the local craftsmen to thrive in a technology-driven industry.

Furniture-makers from SLH Furniture understand your passion to make a change. That’s why they keep their products authentically sustainable and handcrafted. More than sustainability, they also make sure that each piece exhibits top-notch quality and bespoke style.