Unfortunately, your child won’t stay a kid forever, and soon they will need deodorant to combat the excessive sweat and smell. For decades we have grown up using commercial, mass-produced deodorant.

However, new research has shown that natural deodorant is a better alternative to commercial deodorant.

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Kids May Have An Allergic Reaction to The Chemical Found In Deodorant

The chemicals found in commercial deodorants for kids often induce allergic reactions in a large swath of people, and your kids are no exception. The most common ingredients found in commercial deodorants that can trigger an allergic reaction are aluminum (which we will discuss later), artificial fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.

If your child is allergic to these ingredients, some common symptoms will be easy to spot. These symptoms include itchy red bumps in their armpit, dry and flaky skin, and lumps and cysts in the armpit.

If your child is found to be allergic to chemical deodorants, natural deodorants are a healthy alternative.

Sweating is Important

Sweating is often seen as embarrassing in society, but the truth is that sweating is an essential body function for survival. Sweating cools down the body and helps the body dispel toxins from its system.

Also, did you know that sweat doesn’t smell bad? Sweat is entirely odorless. What causes the smell is when bacteria mix with the sweat. Unlike commercial deodorant, natural deodorant for kids doesn’t stop the body from sweating; instead, it prevents bacteria from forming in your armpit, causing the repugnant odor we all want to avoid.

Commercial Deodorant Can Lead To Health Complications

Remember when I said we would talk more about the aluminum inside commercial deodorants? Well, here we are. Aluminum is used in commercial deodorants to clog your pores and prevent you from sweating. Over time that aluminum enters your body, and believe it or not, having a foreign metallic substance in your body can lead to health problems.

A build-up of aluminum in the body has been shown to cause kidney issues, and preliminary research shows it might lead to an increase in kidney cancer. Natural deodorants contain no foreign metal as a key ingredient.

No More Embarrassing Yellow Stains

Another negative about aluminum in your child’s deodorants is that they are the main culprit for those nasty yellow stains you often see on the armpit of clothing. The chemical reaction between aluminum and your body’s sweat causes yellow stains on light clothing. This is especially troubling if your child wears a school uniform every day.

Natural Deodorant Is A Better Alternative to Commercial Deodorant

Your child’s long-term health is priority number one for most parents and avoiding the dangerous chemicals often found in commercial deodorants is an excellent place to start. Natural deodorant is safer for your child’s health, it isn’t allergy-forming, and it also prevents yellow stains that destroy clothing. There’s no reason not to try natural deodorant for your kid.


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