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4 Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch to Natural and Organic Beauty

4 Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch to Natural and Organic Beauty

  So you're thinking about going green huh? That’s great news! Let me fill you in on the benefits of making the switch.

July 27th, 2018

So you’re thinking about going green huh? That’s great news! Let me fill you in on the benefits of making the switch.


Our bodies are like sponges, we absorb. In fact, we absorb 60% of what we put on ourselves. Now, think about the products you would normally grab from the shelf. Shampoo? Body wash? Body lotion? If you look on the back of these bottles, what do you see? Yep, a long old list full of ingredients that make no sense and are unpronounceable. These aren’t good for your health and can be known to cause skin irritation, hormonal distruptancies and a variety of health issues. For example, Parabens, which are used as preservatives are in the majority of our products and are linked to all sorts of health problems such as breast cancer. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is another common ingredient which enables liquid to foam. This has been known to cause irritation to the skin, eyes and scalp.

Don’t be fooled by the wonderful colours, smells and textures. How do you think they get that way? It’s by the use of synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes and God knows what else!

From going green, you’re instantly being kinder to yourself, as you’re only feeding your body goodness, such as natural botanical ingredients. Some of these may include tea tree, rosemary extracts and green tea. Mainstream products use toxic chemicals, while natural and organic use plant based ingredients. From harvesting to manufacturing, the whole process is clean, with no harsh chemicals in sight. Remember, you don’t just feed your body through your mouth!


As a kid up until recently, I suffered from eczema. I tried every lotion on the shelf and saw a bunch of doctors who would always prescribe me a variety of creams. Although these would sometimes help temporarily, they never truly worked and the eczema would always return. This is because mainstream products don’t truly include anything which can benefit your problems, as they are just filled with chemicals and temporarily mask any issues you may have.

From making the switch to natural and organic skin care, I’ve noticed such a positive difference and have never seen my skin so clear. It’s not itchy, patchy or irritated and I actually have a little glow going on! This is because I’ve started to introduce myself to natural ingredients, which are genuinely beneficial to the body and soothe the problem rather than mask it.

This just proves that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it, and nourishing yourself from the outside in can do you the world of good.


Animal testing is the more darker side to the beauty industry, and I hate to think about what their involvement is when trying to create the ‘perfect’ product. From making the switch, no animals are harmed or tested on, which is a win win because not only do we still get to look good, we can leave our beloved animals alone!

Over 100 million animals are poisoned and abused each year and the horrific thing is, is that none of these experiments are illegal. It’s not just rats, rabbits and mice, it’s cats and dogs too. Just think how pitiful it feels when you see dead rats or mouses in your mouse traps which kills them almost instantly and yet how harsh it will be to experiment on them every day as long as they are needed alive.

Going green means we can support our fluffy friends and give the finger to animal testing.


Have you ever wondered why your skin care and beauty products have an effect on the environment? From the off set, whether it be the packaging process, manufacturing or waste created, all of these steps cause a lot of environmental damage.

From chemical fumes getting leaked into the air to our products being washed down the plug in to the ocean, it all has an effect on our planet. I used to be absolutely obsessed with facial scrubs that were jam packed with micro beads, and I hate to think how many of those ended up in the ocean affecting marine life.

Organic beauty is less harmful to the environment because organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic and harmful chemicals. These pollute everything such as our air, plants and water supply, affecting health, earth and animals.

Making the switch isn’t as tricky as it may seem and can be easy to apply to our day to day lives one step at a time!



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