Planning the perfect baby shower is achievable as long as you begin preparing early and cover all bases concerning food, activities, and invitations. A baby shower should be kept as simple as possible, with a fun variety of games to play on the night. Having a shower gives the expectant mother something to look forward to, so if that person is you, then get things in motion and the clock ticking down to the date of your perfect baby shower. Getting tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect baby shower is going to help you get well on your way to doing just that – throwing the perfect baby shower and having a wonderful time spent with all those close to you!

Prepare Early

Send the invitations as soon as you’ve found a date that’s suitable for all your important guests. Ask your closest friends and family to check which dates best suit them, and then begin distributing invitations out. Find printable baby shower invitations to make your job easier and then send them to your nearest and dearest. Wherever you can, try to relive some of the hard decisions, such as what food to prepare and where to host the day. For example, once you’ve got an idea of numbers, you can then ask which foods will be most appreciated and find out if any of your guests have special dietary requirements.

Fun Activities

No baby shower is complete without some fun and entertaining activities, so consider what your guests would enjoy and begin shaping the evening. First and foremost, you need to enjoy what you’re doing so be sure to select some games that you know you’ll enjoy playing with friends and family. Ask your friends for ideas and to bring any entertaining board games they might have at home.

Keep It Simple

There’s no need to overcomplicate proceedings and remember that your baby shower should be fun. It should be enjoyable above anything else, so don’t get too stressed and concerned about the evening. You’re going to be surrounded by those you know and love the most, so take deep breaths and tell yourself that it’s all going run smoothly and there won’t be any hiccups on the day. When it comes to decorating the venue, remember that in many cases less is more. Keep the cleanup operation as easy as you can by sticking to fairy lights and candles to make the place look inviting, and avoiding a mountain of washing up by providing recyclable paper plates. If you wish to use to your best china, consider hiring someone to help you clean up after the party.

Accept Help

When planning, if you’re unsure how to approach decorating or having the food dropped off from the caterers, then don’t be afraid to ask for an extra pair of helping hands. Your friends and family should be most obliging, so don’t struggle to do things and ask someone to help you. If people offer to help, then accept their offer! Your baby shower should be about enjoying yourself and avoiding unnecessary stress, so accept help where it is offered.


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