What are the most reliable ways to snag a costly air ticket for a reasonable price? That’s a question many ask themselves every day as they plan once-in-a-lifetime trips to faraway, exotic locations like Sri Lanka, Australia, and Myanmar. It’s no surprise that plane fares to such places can account for more than 80 percent of the total price of the vacation. That’s especially true for countries where the cost of living is low, and travelers can stay for a month or more without straining their budgets. The tricky part of such a special excursion is snagging deals on the sky-high airline tickets to get to and from the vacation spot.

Savvy travelers know that the first move is minimizing their monthly expenses in whatever way they can. Refinancing student loans is one such tactic that can help a lot. Other approaches include using any frequent flyer miles you have managed to accumulate, buying airfare at least six months in advance, selling all your unwanted personal goods, and taking advantage of friendship travel club benefits. Here are details about the most effective techniques for scoring big savings on pricey airline fares.

Cut Personal Spending

Cutting personal spending is one of those things that’s easier said than done, but there are exceptions to that rule. Anyone who owes on college loans stands to save a lot by opting for a refinancing arrangement. When borrowers choose refinancing student loans with NaviRefi, they gain access to more favorable interest rates, lower monthly payments, more time to repay, and all-around better terms. One of the best features of a refi is that the new loan is much less complex and confusing than paying on multiple education loans, all of which have their own due dates, rates, and conditions. It’s true that refinancing makes sense in numerous ways, but the technique also helps people sock away some serious cash that can go toward a memorable vacation.

Purchase Six Months in Advance

Major airline companies offer significant discounts to travelers who pay more than six months in advance. Note that you might have to join a meaningless international friendship club sponsored by the airline to snag early-bird deals. Even in cases where the clubs charge an annual fee, it’s usually worth it if you can save hundreds off a high-priced fare. This is a great way to increase excitement over travel ideas for the summer during a gloomy winter too.

Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Now is the time to cash in those frequent flyer miles you forgot about. For working adults who travel for their jobs, there’s often a nice surprise in store when they realize the frequent flyer mile credits pay for a serious chunk of their upcoming vacation. Every little bit helps, so be sure to verify your miles balance as soon as possible.

Sell Unneeded Belongings

In the digital age, most working people can score a quick hit of cash by raiding their attics, basements, garages, storage units, and spare bedrooms for stuff to sell online or in yard sales. The strategy is a win-win because you’ll likely discover that your home is less cluttered after the sale and you have more living space once all the boxes are gone. After banking the cash from your big sale, don’t forget to donate unsold items to a local charity.


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