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4 Ways Your Life Changes When You Have A Cat

4 Ways Your Life Changes When You Have A Cat

It cannot be denied that we are a nation of animal lovers.

August 3rd, 2022

It cannot be denied that we are a nation of animal lovers. From dogs to cats many of us take great joy in caring for a pet and cannot imagine life without our furry friends. If you have a cat as a pet, you will know that they can change your life in many ways. If you are new to having one keep reading to learn how your life will change and all the positive elements that it could bring to you.

You will have more responsibility

As with any pet, owning a cat will mean that you are taking on extra responsibility in your day to day life. In general cats are one of the lower maintenance pets that you can care for as they are very independent creatures. If they are well fed and given freedom to roam, they should not cause you too much trouble. It is important however to take care of responsibilities such as pet insurance and microchipping to ensure they are protected from injuries, illnesses or being lost. If you are doing something like going on holiday you will need to be mindful to arrange for someone to come in everyday to feed and check up on your cat so you might want to consider carefully whether having this type of pet is suited to your lifestyle and commitments.

You will become more adaptable

Having a cat often has the added bonus of making you more adaptable. It is often said that once you have a pet cat, especially one that might have had a run-in with ctenocephalides felis, you'll be on your toes ensuring they stay flea-free. Who knows this might even encourage you to be more productive with your day as you are forced to stick to more of a routine and get things done on time. You will also adapt to things that you may have previously turned your nose up at, for instance cats can often be sick or have hairballs so learning to be less squeamish about these things is a good life lesson. Having a cat could also be a little bit of training for having children.

You might be healthier

One advantage to having a cat that many people may not realise is that you could be healthier as a result. Having a pet and in particular a cat has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve depression. It is thought that because you are focusing on something else rather than being left within your own thoughts and feelings, your mental and physical well-being will see some positive changes. Having a cat in a family environment is also a good way to calm children who may be stressed or have anxiety by providing them with comfort and something to care for.

You will have unconditional love

We can’t talk about how your life will change when you have a cat without mentioning the unconditional love you will receive. Caring for a cat may take up more of your time and energy than you are used to but this is completely worth it. Once you get to know your cat and build up a relationship with them, you will find this bond unbreakable. No matter if you have had a bad day at work or school, your furry friend will be there waiting at the door for you. Whether it’s late night cuddles or playing with your cat after giving them new toys, one thing is for certain, you can always find comfort in them and they will bring a smile to your face!



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