Germs prevail on all the surfaces in our surroundings and cause illness when they come in contact with the skin. The basic source of getting in contact with germs is through hands because our hands move everywhere and touch the exteriors where germs may be found and they reach our nose or mouth through hands. The safety of hands is crucial against infections that are being done through hand washing for a long time but a new method of cleaning hands has arrived which is sanitisers.

Hand sanitisers are based on alcohol that is consumed to clean hands without any soap or water and keep us healthy and kill most of the germs from our skin. This is an easy way to be hygienic as it is handy. Suspicions are frequently shown regarding the usage of sanitisers so here are some facts that will help to remove any misconceptions about its use.

Application and ingredients matters

When using a hand sanitiser, you must be familiar with the components present in it so that you can attain the expected effect. A powerful sanitiser comprises more than 60 percent alcohol which makes it a great defence against germs on our hands. If the amount of alcohol is less than 60 percent, it will not work. Along with ingredients, the amount to be used should be enough to cover all of your hands and it must be rubbed properly so that no bacteria remains on the skin. Experience the convenience of hand sanitizer scented with refreshing fragrances, providing both cleanliness and a delightful sensory experience.

Sanitisers are for everyone:

They are beneficial for everyone against bacteria so seek here for hand sanitizer gel. Myths are that they can damage the skin but researches have proved that they are equally effective for everyone, even the babies can benefit from their use if the amount is adequate. You can protect your skin from any damage and germs if you do not overdo sanitisation so there may not be any irritation.

Sanitisers kill flu bacteria

Flu is one of the worst things to happen which is transmitted through hands so sanitisers can kill most of the germs along with the flu bacterias. Sanitisers can diminish the spread of flu and you and your surroundings can be healthy.

Equally beneficial as soap and water

Questions are asked about the proper way of protecting against germs as hand sanitisers are overlooked in front of soap and water.

Doctors suggest that sanitisers are more productive in eradicating germs than water and soap because the amount of alcohol works better as a guard against microbes when hands are not noticeably stained. But they are helpful only in killing germs, not cleaning your hands when there is visible dirt or grease on the skin as sanitisers do nothing about that.

When to consume hand sanitisers?

These are portable so they can be taken anywhere and used anytime when water and soap are not accessible. You can use it before eating, drinking, after using the restroom, public transportation, and during any outdoor activities when you need protection against germs but keep in mind, they do not clean dirt from hands.


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