5 beautiful bedroom design schemes you will adore

Trends come and go, so whether you want something classic or a little more in style, a small change to your bedroom could make all the difference. [...]

Trends come and go, so whether you want something classic or a little more in style, a small change to your bedroom could make all the difference. Decoration and colours are the main factors when it comes to transforming your room, which makes it easy to give your home a makeover on a budget. 

With plenty of things to redecorate, as long as you get yourself a sturdy bed, you can change almost anything else about your room without any heavy lifting. Start your bedroom redesign having a look at what is on offer at the Divan Beds Centre to find yourself a new bed that will suit however you decide to have your room. 

So what schemes could you choose when you wish to change your room? The list is endless, here we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular themed styles and colours to try out yourself. 

  1. Grey and Mustard 

Grey bedrooms are becoming more and more popular, and whether you decide to create a completely grey room or add a splash of colour, it remains a top trend. The favourite colour to add to the grey in recent months has been a pop of mustard yellow. If you’re opting for grey flooring and grey bed covers, add some mustard pillows onto your bed for a splash of colour. If you still want to add more, consider a mustard table or a subtle photo frame, the shade really complements the grey.

  1. Vintage

If you’re after something a little chicer, why not try a vintage bedroom? A thin, metal bed frame is ideal for anyone who wants something a little more unique. Instead of leaning towards a colourful theme, choose white bed sheets with an assortment of furniture to match. Pastel shades fit nicely with this style, whether you’re a pastel pink or eggshell blue fan. Personalise your room by adding a few photos to give it that personalised touch. 

  1. Colourful 

If you’re looking for something a little different, style your bedroom in your favourite colour. Instead of adding a splash with the cushions, paint all of the walls. Test out an orange, with a neutral bed frame, a vibrant throw and bedsheets. It’ll definitely be eye-catching look and it’s a far cry from the usual modern style. 

  1. Monochrome

A monochrome room is the perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing bedrooms to look at. Although it’s not for everyone, most people can appreciate the beauty. Most monochrome rooms will be simplistic with furniture as well, and they often look incredibly spacious. With simple photos on the wall and a thin desk lamp, what could be better? 

  1. Mirrored furniture

One of the more recent trends is definitely mirrored furniture, and it can make your room look incredibly elegant. With a mirrored wardrobe, dresser and drawers, you’ll be sure to have everything matching – but be careful of smudges. As glamorous as mirrored furniture looks, it’s easy to get dirty, so keep on top of the cleaning. 

Whether you like your room to be plain and simple or colourful and hectic, it’s worth looking into the different ways you can decorate. The bedroom is the one place you get to unleash your personality, and it’ll shine through your products. 

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