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5 Best Fashion Icons to Follow on Instagram

5 Best Fashion Icons to Follow on Instagram

Nowadays, the meaning of a fashion icon has become overused, detached, and oversaturated from the original context.

May 10th, 2021

Nowadays, the meaning of a fashion icon has become overused, detached, and oversaturated from the original context. A fashion icon is someone who carries influence and has a sartorial approach. For you to become a fashion icon, one has to have a trend-worthy appeal, create a cultural conversation and have a style that will outlive you.

According to Romeo, a rose would smell just as sweet even if you called it any other name. That’s why becoming a fashion icon isn’t something that happens overnight but something that entails consistency and being able to serve any guise in a jiffy. Although most celebrities have their own trust-worthy celebrity stylists on call who take care of putting together a wardrobe for them, below are the 5 best celebrity fashion icons you can follow on Instagram to inspire or reinvent your own style.

1. Zendaya

She is one of the youngest fashion icons in the world at age 24. Her age confirms that one doesn’t need to be older to be considered a fashion icon. All you need are some decisive style choices. Her initial fashion approach was some sneakers and a mismatch of colorful layers. Her encounter with Law Roach, one of the best celebrity stylists, changed her fashion approach.

She changed from her “girl next door” image to a more purposeful woman. The change made her into an idol of her generation, a real style icon, who many brands dream to work with. With Law Roach, she donned the best designers thus being able to acquire freedom to find her fashion path. One where she looks elegant in anything she puts on.

Her fashion touch has been growing and getting noticed by designers from all over the world. In 2019, Zendaya made a capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger.

2. Rihanna

She is a designer, singer, and fashion icon. That’s because, over time, she has worked hard. Rihanna dresses in a wide array of clothing but her trajectory is one of the history books. She has an affinity for sporting designer wear before it goes mainstream. Rihanna also has a modern-day aesthetic that’s dominated by the nineties. She is known to spot trends even before they turn into something unique.

Her ability to stand out is what makes her a fashion icon. Besides being able to identify the best trends has enabled her to create a fashion empire. She gets her icon edge by being able to appreciate the history and craft of fashion. Rihanna has been known to arrive in events in show-stopping ensembles. Besides, if you doubt her influence, you should remember how a single picture of her using D&G headphones caused them to sell out everywhere.

3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles is considered a fashion icon for the new age. That’s because he isn’t wary of serving a look or two whether he is defying the margins of masculinity or donning a custom Gucci. Styles doesn’t use many celebrity stylists, he gets his icon status with the help of his stylist Harry Lambert. Lambert is the mastermind behind most of Styles’ looks.

He can mix feminine and masculine silhouettes cohesively to make Styles’ star shine brighter. One thing that separates Styles from the other men on the best-dressed list is his consistency in igniting cultural conversation. You can learn from his look and stand the chance of being the talk of the town. The best outfits to consider will include wide-leg trousers, sleeveless silk sweaters, or even a crepe blouse.

4. ASAP Rocky

Rocky is one unique fashion icon. He resides between the unpremeditated profiles of streetwear and complex pieces of haute couture. He is a hip-hop darling who seems to retain his stylish sensibility and enigmatic energy. Rocky also has a large following with more than 13.2 million Instagram followers. More so, Rocky is also a face model. This attribute of his has been noticed by many including Rihanna who made him Fenty Skin’s ambassador.

Another attribute that showcases his fashion icon position is his confidence. His influence is apparent in his music. A good example is in 2014 when he released a track called Multiply. In the track, he admits of no longer being a fan of Hood by Air, indicating that he helped pioneer the brand. As a result, his fans sold their HBA apparel on eBay.

5. Solange Knowles

Solange is a fashion icon to contemporary folks. In “A Seat at the Table”, her 2017 album, Knowles was able to highlight her stylish sensibilities and artistic talents. It doesn’t matter what she is wearing because all her outfits bring out her artistic vision which is capable of capturing a specific feeling or mood.

Nowadays, men can put on the same attire and still be considered stylish innovators whereas women have to constantly transform themselves to remain relevant. Knowles takes transformation to the next level by increasing the scope of her ideas. Her chameleon approach enables her to retain her position with the other fashion icons.



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