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5 Best Luxury Gift Ideas You Can Use for Almost Any Occasion

Everyone loves a bit of luxury, and what could be nicer than receiving a luxury gift for reaching a big birthday or milestone, or achieving something important, or simply

Everyone loves a bit of luxury, and what could be nicer than receiving a luxury gift for reaching a big birthday or milestone, achieving something important, or simply being appreciated? Merriam-Webster defines the term luxury as “an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.” And this is where the idea of gifting comes in. Luxury Gift Ideas A luxury item isn’t something we would necessarily buy for ourselves as it may be considered “too indulgent”. But, if someone gifts us a luxury item, we can appreciate it for what it is, without feeling guilty for spending lots of money or for treating ourselves when we could be treating others.

Gifting someone an item of luxury requires a lot of thought. Luxury items tend to cost more to buy than everyday items—that is part of what makes items inherently luxurious. This means that a lot more thought needs to be put into what luxury gift to purchase for someone, to ensure the gift is something the recipient is going to use for a long time.

Aside from useful items, many people want to receive special gift boxes, such as what you can buy at Celebration Box in NZ and other great gift shops. These are premium gift boxes with creative packaging and combinations of flowers, sweet treats, alcohol, or fruits in baskets and hampers.

What makes them so special is their creative presentation and product quality. That makes them perfect as corporate tokens and personal gifts for loved ones. They serve as special treats that satisfy the recipients’ cravings, making them indulge, relax, and enjoy.

In some cases, you may be purchasing a luxury gift for someone you may not know very well, so how can you determine whether the gift is something they will truly value? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best luxury gifts you can give to someone, for almost any occasion, no matter how well—or not—you know the recipient. Read on for our suggestions:

Luxury Gift Ideas

Monogrammed diary or journal

A beautiful, leather-bound designer diary can make a thoughtful, luxury gift for someone. Luxury retailers and department stores usually offer their line of stationery that can be personalized in some way. If a diary feels too timebound, consider buying a luxury monogrammed journal instead, one without specific dates, or a notebook. Many luxury stationery retailers will stock additional items like leather keyrings and wallets that, together, will make a beautiful luxury collection of gifts. You can even consider combining it with a piece of leather clothing that can easily be ordered from online stores such as LeatherCult.

Luxury fountain pen

This idea of giving a fountain pen as a luxury gift is a common one for good reason. For many decades, the fountain pen has symbolized not only achievement and recognition but also value and luxury. It is thought of as the choice of pen for accomplished and learned individuals and is often treasured as a keepsake—something to be used only on special occasions—and an heirloom to be passed down through family generations. The luxury fountain pen carries an air of elegance and sophistication, making this a gift that will flatter the recipient, and acknowledge the achievement for which the gift is intended to reward. Look for a fountain pen made with high-quality materials, with replaceable parts and a variety of ink choices.

Luxury ballpoint pen

If you know your gift recipient is not in the market for a fountain pen—perhaps they already use a family heirloom, or they have a particular preference for other styles—a beautiful luxury ballpoint pen is a fantastic choice. There are so many different styles and types to choose from that you will find it easy to select the perfect luxury gift. If the recipient writes often and has either a large wrist or strong hands, a weighty, sturdy luxury ballpoint pen, such as one made from stainless steel, would make a great gift. If your recipient mainly writes using a computer and doesn’t have the practice to hold a pen for long periods, choose a pen made from lighter materials such as titanium bolt action pen.

Luxury writing set

Everyone writes. Or if they don’t, they will benefit from rediscovering it. And that’s what this next gift can help with. Most people love to receive handwritten notes, whether they are invitations, thank-you notes, reminders or even love letters. This gift will give your recipient everything they need to write beautiful notes that convey class, style and sophistication. Most luxury department stores and stationery retailers sell luxury writing sets for every taste. Give your recipient the ability to share handwritten notes with their loved ones with a luxury writing set.

Limited edition book

Books make great gifts. But, almost anyone can buy a book. Make your gift more luxurious and special by seeking out a first or second-edition of a book you know your recipient likes. It could be a childhood favourite or a classic. Or, you can purchase books signed directly by the author quite easily at bookstores or via the author’s website, or publisher’s website. If you are stuck for ideas, head to the arts sections of your local bookstore and select a large hardback “coffee table” book filled with beautiful images.

What makes many gifts so special is the fact the recipient probably wouldn’t purchase it for themselves, so don’t worry too much about making it perfect. Just make it luxury.

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