Eating at our favorite restaurants can be one of the best ways to relax and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Though it can be quite the financial burden as well. That’s why we opt for ways to help offset the amount of stress that our wallets are burdened with, including discounts, special deals or better yet, coupons.

Restaurant coupons can be acquired from a number of places like online survey sites such as WalgreensListens OR magazines, newspapers and special coupon publications. But since this is the digital age that we live in, restaurant coupon websites and apps are hands down, the best place to look for restaurant coupons.

Fortunately, we here have listed some of the finest restaurant coupon sites that will help you avail the best discounts, deals, and promotions under incredibly slashed rates. is not exactly a traditional coupon site, but it does a great job in helping you save up on eatery meals. This website offers gift certificates for purchase, along with discounted amounts that enables you to save your money. For instance, you can buy a $40 gift certificate for $20, which would then let you know how much you can spend on a meal.

Of course, the website does come with a couple of certain conditions that you need to be wary of, but it’s still an awesome way to save on if you’re dining with family or with friends.


Spotluck is an app that makes discovering new restaurants into a type of mystery game and then helps you earn discounts. All you have to do is spin the wheel in this app every day to win a bonus discount at any randomly selected restaurant. And then you get to share whatever results you have with the targeted restaurant by the time check out.

The only downside of this app is that the discounts aren’t for any of the chain restaurants that are renowned locally and internationally. Therefore, it’s only the local places that this is suited for.


Like, Groupon also isn’t a traditional coupon site, but still serves as one of the best places to get special promotions and deals on restaurant meals. With this site, you can search locally for places that offer deals and discounts near you, and then but that deal for a fixed price.

No deal is ever the same and the best example could be spending only $25 for a $50 meal, a free bottle of wine or anything else. Unfortunately, only those restaurants that have partnered with the site have discounts available, but if any of those are your favorites, then all is well.

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus

LivingSocial Restaurants Plus allows you to earn about 30% cash back with every purchase that you make at a partnered restaurant. First, activate your account with your credit card, pick a restaurant approved by the app, and then pay with your card to register your meal. The app is still active and growing, and also provides cash back at cafes and bars.


Another website/app where you can get amazing deals at local restaurants and find new dining spots around your area is Valpak. You can look up exclusive coupons at any of the app’s registered restaurants and you can also keep track of available coupons using the built-in passbook. You can even share any of your coupons on social media platforms and email with your friends and family members as well. You only need to show the restaurant the coupon from your smartphone and boom, your meal is ready to be served.


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