Are you new to the world of cannabis and want to know what products are out there for you to try out? Have you recently discovered a whole new world of cannabis products and want to know what you should try next?

Cannabis consumption isn’t the same as it used to be. These days, the good old joints and blunts are starting to be replaced with seemingly healthier alternatives. This is all thanks to innovation which rolled out due to the incredible leap that technology has taken in the last few years. This was also propelled by the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes over the past few years in countries around the world. For example, cannabis is now legal in Canada, where you can buy some of the best craft weed canada has to offer.

This legalization has allowed for the proliferation of more online shops where these new consumption methods are available making cannabis shopping a lot easier than it used to be. If you want to know about the most popular cannabis consumption methods in 2021, here are a few.

Dry herb vaporizer

One of the newest products that have made its way to the cannabis industry is the dry herb vaporizer. It is also being advertised as one of the healthiest ways to consume marijuana if you want to inhale it. Dry herb vaporizer, vaporize the compounds within the herb which is then inhaled as a vapor. This means that you are not inhaling smoke or any harmful carcinogens that can be very damaging to the lungs.

Dry herb vaporizers work just like regular vapes, but they use ground weed instead of a concentrate. This works by metal plates in the chamber heating the herb to an extreme temperature which allows for the compounds to vaporize and then be inhaled.

Dry herb vaporizers are also known to be incredibly convenient by being portable and easy to use without any fuss. There are even vape pens for cannabis where you can use cartridges, and these device’s carts, available at online stores like Canna Cabana, make the experience even more convenient, since they are usually pre-filled, which is one less step you have to worry about. Although they may be expensive to start with, you will save so much money on rolling papers and lighters while also looking out for your health.


Next up we have bongs. Although bongs are not very new to the market, they have only recently become a popular choice for the consumption of weed. Bongs also make use of the dry herb, however in this case the herb is lit with a lighter and smoke passes through water to create vapor.

This is also seen as another great alternative to smoking because of the fact that you are inhaling vapor as opposed to smoke. Therefore, it is seen as a healthier option to go for. When it comes to bongs, there is a large variety to choose from but in the end it all comes down to personal preference.


Here we have yet another consumption that is not necessarily new but has only recently made its claim to fame; edibles. Everyone knows edibles to be simple baked goods that you tried to make in your mom’s kitchen, such as brownies, however, the world of cannabis has moved so far forward, that there are now so many incredible edible options to choose from.

Finding anything from snacks to meals, to even beverages, there is no end to what is available.


For those who are looking for a bit less fun and a bit more effectiveness, tinctures are something that you could consider. After an incredible amount of research, scientists discovered that the fastest way for cannabis to enter the bloodstream is by dropping a concentrated oil under the tongue. This is called a tincture.

These are great for those who are using cannabis for medicinal purposes because it is fast-acting and very effective, but there is no social aspect to it. This is also a much healthier option because you are not consuming anything unnecessary.


Last on the list, we have topicals. Topical consumption of marijuana means that there is no ingestion through inhalation, eating, or even tinctures. Instead, this method of consumption is where absorption happens through the skin.

Topicals can be anything from gels, ointments, and creams, that help with pain and inflammation, to even skincare products like facewash, face oils, and moisturizers. Cannabis is said to be very helpful when it comes to inflammation and acne and many people are choosing to include it in their skincare routine.


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